In RUSSIAN TANK create the perfect «Armata»

In RUSSIAN TANK create the perfect
Tank of the latest generation in a single combat platform «Armata» should go into service in 2015 — said the «Interfax-AVN» Commander of Land Forces, Colonel-General Vladimir Chirkin. The situation, I must say fascinating.
«For our troops currently rapidly create modern tank based unified fighting module» Armata «. First experienced the standard is expected to be released in 2013, and from 2015 it should start to come into service, «- these words Commander leads news.
Actually, Commander of Land Forces have to be careful with such bravura forecasts. What a shame it did not sound, a distinctive feature of today’s military department managers that they stubbornly and deliberately ignore the Russian experience in developing and adopting sophisticated military hardware.
In the USSR, where there was no market relations, new weapons developed only on a competitive basis. It is not always won the best standards specifically. Concepts such as corruption and protectionism have taken place in those days, and not only in our country, and overseas. But sometimes quite the opposite. So not to offend, to adopt standards accepted all of the contenders. It happened specifically with tanks. The Russian army immediately stood T-64, T-72 and T-80 — machines with similar features completely, but not interchangeable with the repair. Develop their rivals: Kharkov, Nizhny Tagil and Leningrad (Kirov Plant).
In fairness it must be said that this incident did not appear due to the results of the 1st Contest, when they decided not to offend anyone, but for a different reason.
Quite a breakthrough even by world standards Kharkov T-64, designed by the famous Alexander Morozov, a little ahead of his time and the level of technology, which then possessed serial tankostroitelnye and engine factories. Frequent breakage in the army forced urgently to find another option. It was decided, retaining the concept of T-64, install it on a normal V-type diesel and more than massive rollers. Did it in Nizhny Tagil. Their T-72 proved a real fighter — conventional and undemanding. This tank was the most massive in the second half of the twentieth century. But right behind him appeared a turbine T-80. It would also break. And then Defense Minister Dmitri Ustinov took a resolute decision to put «vosmidesyatki» adopted, while retaining all of this in the army and the T-64 and T-72. Much less that the T-80 tank was seen as a breakthrough to the English Channel and is available only in the Western Group of Forces. The machine features not only high speed (highway to 80 km / h), and omnivorous. A gas turbine engine devoured all that was burning, in other words to fill tanks rushing into the Atlantic Ocean, it was possible for at least some gas stations, which in Western Europe, a huge amount.
But Panzer raznosortitsa (and the troops but new cars were also T-55 and T-62, and even languid T-10) irritated military and already in the early 80’s it was decided to start on a competitive basis of work on a new one tank to completely hidden then on «The Hammer». It was supposed to be created for a single chassis tanks, engineering vehicles, artillery and missile systems, languid air defense and other mobile weapons.
How to remember experts at the beginning of 1990, the Kharkov tank builders deadlocked — Alexander Morozov how annoying it may sound, by the time lost. Best of all in developing the concept of modern advanced machines in Leningrad, in KB, that the creator of T-80 Nikolai Popov. In Nizhny Tagil things were not shaky or rolls, but something also designed.
And there was a collapse of the Union and the entire Russian defense industry. Ukraine working on «The Hammer» were terminated because of this newly formed country last generation tank appeared simply not needed. The town on the Neva River, has already received a new name, the then mayor, Anatoly Sobchak, now deceased, did everything to drive from the northern capital defense industry, and the Kirov factory was in dire financial straits. But Nizhny Tagil was virtually the birthplace of the new president of the newest of. Some means Ural oboronka received all the same. Work on a new tank — 195 object continued. They went long and hard.
First 2000 first benchmark languid (weighing about 60 tons) tank was built last generation, began his proving ground tests. The car went completely solid, she even remembered as witnesses, made a very strong memory for Defense Minister Marshal Igor Sergeyev, strategic rocketeer by military specialty. As they say, he closely examined the car and sit inside the tank, as if said could be I funds immediately would take this machine into service. Then, even in the press pozvuchalo several statements by the military, the new T-95 will be supplied to the troops in the coming years. What a shame it did not sound and ah …
It’s been almost 10 years, and now a new application: tank «Armata» will be supplied to the troops in 2015.
Where in general there is «Armata»? Unlike his successor, Marshal Sergeyev — civilian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov to the tanks respect harbored. He apparently thought that the T-95 will have a very sverhizbytochnuyu combat power, not suitable Russian army. Indeed, the concept was created in tank warfare 2-socio-economic systems and had a crushing strength. It was decided to launch a new project, named «Armata», under which substantially build a lightweight version of the object 195.
Since the base of modern machines was almost ready, the designers of Nizhny Tagil confidently stated that by 2015, we will design a tank, tested and will be ready for serial production. Ministry of Defence with joy this confidence to share.
That is why the Commander of Land Forces confidently declares in 2012, that in 2015 the army will receive the latest caterpillar fundamentally base on the basis of which will create mass tanks and self-propelled guns, and missile systems, etc., etc., etc..
I do not know whether there are Chirkin commander of armored vehicles in the museum in Kubinka. If you’ve been, you had to create much in the metal tank samples were created and tested, before there were the usual T-62, T-64, T-72, T-80. Went to this years, if not decades.
At the same moment, it appears immediately with unblemished sheet creates perfect machine, which adopted perceive exactly — it has already been decided. However, when created Russian tank might not have computers. Now many design processes significantly accelerated. But the presence of computers and digital design — not a panacea for the failed errors. Before our eyes with a loud PR created and placed on the wing «SuhoySuperDzhet-100.» How much was promised, there was much hope, but … How sad, but still admit: «SuhoySuperDzhet-100» was completely failed project. And then it can only be produced with a strong administrative support and nemerenno municipal financing without any hope of return.
But airliner «Dry» to ensure the adequacy of the country’s defense plays no role. But tanks play a very significant, remaining the main striking force of the Ground Forces.
Naturally, hunting believe that Nizhnetagilskye tank builders commit technical magic: their car not be like the first pancake, and immediately becomes meet all the requirements laid down in the terms of reference to the «Armata». Hope should always be on the best. But the actual experience of the world’s population says that with all this does not prevent the worst-case scenario and calculate.
It is reported that in 2020 the army should do 2300 units of the new tanks. If the serial production will start in 2015, then once a year should be produced 460 machines. And if it forces tank production «Uralvagonzavod»?
That is why the statement made commander, likely on the forthcoming days of tank, which is celebrated in the second Sunday of September, you need to take quiet. Will Tank — what will be read and that open a discussion. And while we wait, with …

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