In the accident at the Fukushima tsunami is not guilty, and the traditional Japanese razdolbaystvo

The accident at the Japanese nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1" was the result of operator error, the station, not the earthquake and tsunami, according to a published report of a special committee of Japan's parliament. According to the Commission, the responsibility lies with the operator of nuclear power plants Sompany Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) and public services for the control of atomic energy.

"The accident at the" Fukushima-1 "was not natural and man-made disaster. Nuclear power plant was not ready either to the impact of a strong earthquake or tsunami, "- said the commission.

Also, the report contains allegations against then-Prime Minister Naoto Kan. According to the commission, he constantly interfered in the course of liquidation, which led to chaos and uncoordinated actions of the emergency services.

In addition, subject to the action of experts criticized TEPCO immediately after the accident, non-operational information to citizens about the accident and ineffective evacuation.

From the findings of the parliamentary committee did not agree to the company TEPCO. According to their internal investigation, the main reason was the unexpectedly high tsunami wave.

As previously reported by RBC daily, the accident at the Japanese nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1" occurred in March 2011, after a powerful earthquake and tsunami. The disaster brought down the cooling systems of power that led to the massive leak of radiation into the sea and atmosphere. The accident was the largest radiation after the Chernobyl disaster and led to a revision of the program of nuclear energy around the world.

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