In the British family had a baby giant. Video



In late February, a British family Kings baby was born, the weight of which was almost seven pounds. Dimensions young George is almost twice the size of ordinary newborns. It is noteworthy that the young mother gave birth to a son, a giant on their own, without the help of caesarean section. Genera lasted 16 hours.



A few weeks after birth, the baby, who managed to survive, was finally discharged from the hospital, reports The Telegraph.

Because of the size of his shoulders George King had difficulties at birth, and doctors from the Royal Hospital in Gloucestershire said that his chances of survival are only 10%. Fortunately, nothing happened. Now the boy six weeks, his height is 64 centimeters. These dimensions are usually characteristic for the half-year-old children. The fact that the child spent in the womb for about 15 days longer than normal.

Parents giant, Jade and Ryan, still can not recover from the shock. After the boy was born, he could not breathe for 20 minutes. To bring it back to life, required intensive care. Be that as it may, the vital resources of George fully recovered, when he was transferred to a special unit at St. Michael's in Bristol.

According to the 21-year-old Jade King, until recently, obstetricians say that everything is in order, until the child began to emerge into the light. Around a woman once a pillar of a dozen doctors, and that's when she was scared for real. However, now all the experiences of families King left behind. They are at home and are happy to replenish. Doctors claim that over time the size of the child normal, and it will grow at the same rate as other children.

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