In the Dnieper live piranhas, crabs and jellyfish


The opening of the bathing season in Dnepropetrovsk can not take place. Residents living in Dnepropetrovsk in jeopardy the upcoming swimming season. Reason extraordinary: in the waters of the river found crabs, jellyfish and very dangerous predators — piranhas.

First there were rumors about the presence in the waters of these places unusual animals, and then the fishermen, and ordinary people are personally convinced that the rumors are not groundless: exotic animals in the river really lives.

Fishermen are not only convinced of the presence of "foreign" fish, but many times they were caught. On the hook, for example, across such outlandish for representatives of the Dnieper water world as pipefish, piranhas and sea crabs. And it's not the tales and horror stories. In the words of an official — scientist ichthyologist Roman Nowicki — commented that there should be an urgent environmental engineering research, it became known, who settled in Slavic river.

Lakes and rivers Dnipropetrovsk region their home to find not only the usual 38 for the region's fish species, but also 18 species completely alien to him. Some of the "outsiders" are dangerous not only for humans but also for ordinary inhabitants of these bodies of water. It may well be that some of the swimmers will be bitten, and fishermen will not catch.

As for the catch — seriously, "foreign predators" gladly regale caviar carp, bream and carp, they themselves are unfit for human consumption. Concerned about the situation and scientists. It seems to be good, that species filling the Dnieper basin becomes more diverse, but on the other hand, the aggressive "newcomers" may well destroy the local fish.

Well, finally happened and why in the Dnieper reservoirs migrate inhabitants of other parts of the world? Scientists are several possible causes. Avariumisty could release into the river plekstomusov, piranhas and Ancistrus who found local conditions suitable for life, and began to multiply. Jellyfish are likely to have dragged on the bottoms of their ships, and fish-needle attracted increased salinity.

For all the ambiguity situation, experts still recommend not afraid of swimming in the waters of the Dnieper. Exotic fish probably is not too much, and they are small in size, to cause harm to humans. However, with all due respect to scientists, people apprehension still remains: how to swim, especially to children, if at least one piranha in the river but is found?

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