In the Kuban clinic opened, where robots give birth



In Krasnodar-based Kuban Medical University opened an unusual clinic, simulation-training center. It is unusual in that there treat robots, so much so well that they even give birth there. And treatment, and the birth occurs in the educational process.


The robot, nicknamed Natasha discharged from the hospital for a long time, and all because of the work it like this — to give birth. "Heroine Mother" gave birth to more than two hundred children — robots. Dummy can run for 10 years, 4-6 hours continuously.

Fight, screaming, moaning and crying — everything is real. Students examine the "patient", check the pressure and feel the pulse. But at any time can worsen the condition of Natasha — the doctor specifically asks for a computer model of childbirth, often complex, in which the patient may even die, and controls the action of their students in this situation.

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Only in this simulation process, doctors may take a pause, to understand the situation, analyze it on the shelves, and work to automatism those activities in this nursing home must be lightning fast.

Children robots also treated, doctors resuscitated infants and preterm, have them first aid. This center was created to ensure that any doctor had the opportunity to practice the skills of health care. Theme of mother and child — one of the most relevant, but not the only one in this clinic. In total there are five simulators, and each of the androids is a difficult patient — not a day, then a stroke or heart attack. But attention robots ill-assured on the highest level, because each of them are learning to treat for fifty doctors.

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