In the sky above the Orthodox cathedral under construction in Arkhangelsk captured shining dome


In the sky above being built of Michael the Archangel Cathedral of Archangel sealed lights, resembling a dome. A photograph of an unusual phenomenon has made one of the parishioners, the press service of the local diocese.


"It is remarkable that the builders of the spring of 2013 completed the construction of the vaults of the central part of the cathedral and began preparatory work for the installation of the domes. Now there is a fundraiser, and it is hoped that in the autumn of this year, the main temple of Pomerania finds its head" — leads the "Interfax" text information diocese.

As the Archangel and Kholmogorsky Metropolitan Daniel, who was quoted by the press service, the task to revive the cathedral in front of him put the Patriarch.

"The task was daunting. Former Archbishop 15 years he lived in Arkhangelsk, everyone knew, put maximum effort, but the building still did not go. And I — a new man. Besides, I said that one of the features of the North in the fact that here first to the man eyeing, and then begin to somehow help ", — said the bishop.

He called a miracle that the council failed to build. "Help comes in many ways, but the construction is going on," — he said.

Cathedral of the Archangel Michael will provide new opportunities for spiritual and moral education and social service. At its base will operate a Sunday school, a library, a hall for cultural and educational activities, social service assistance, youth clubs and more. Construction is underway on the donations of businesses, organizations and residents.

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