In the southern Philippine province of Cebu originated tornado

June 19, 2013. Varicella whirlwind of impressive dimensions walked around the two municipalities southern province of Cebu in the Philippines. The result of this walk are 55 homes destroyed in Miglanilla and numerous destructions in the infrastructure, the Talisay.

Ground tornado, which was released to the land from the sea surface, threw hundreds of trees in urban parks, cut electrical wires, houses were left without roofs and fences damaged building factories for the production of animal feed and an area for playing basketball. One person was injured, he met with a tornado on the coast. Of the islanders, no one expected a tornado because everybody thought that the water is formed is not a waterspout and a severe thunderstorm and a thick curtain of rain.

As reported by meteorologists, wind gust speed inside the funnel was 200 km / h, and the diameter of the vortex was at least 1 km. Filipinos could watch a tornado moving through the city, about 20-30 minutes. In this case, the visibility on the roads Miglanilla was almost zero.

In a few schools, Metro Manila were canceled classes. In Luzon after tropical storm Emong associated with the occurrence of tornadoes, floods and landslides are expected. In Miglanilla and Talisay will conduct a thorough inspection of the damaged buildings and grounds.


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