In the U.S., a giant landslide destroyed a house and driveway



In the U.S. on Whidbey Island house was gone, and with it the road: downpours triggered a huge landslide. The small settlement remained without electricity, and to rescue some of the houses now can not get on the ground.



PE happened early in the morning when people were still sleeping, but no one was hurt. Victims managed to escape thanks to the rumble, which struck the first part of the coast.

"We have a service called the neighbors of the victim. They reported that they heard a sound like a lot of snow slides down the roof. At this point, our colleagues from the fire department were already in place. Now, the coast continues to deform. This will continue until such time until the formation of the Earth is not stabilized, "- said the deputy head of the Department of Emergency Eric Brooks.

Landslide deprived residents and fresh water. Experts believe that the entire settlement is still under threat. Evacuation continues.

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