In the U.S., has been sentenced in the case of multi-million dollar kickbacks in the army

U.S. Army Sergeant Terry Hall (Terry Hall) was sentenced to three years and three months in prison on charges of multimillion-dollar kickbacks in the army. It is reported by The Wall Street Journal.

The sentence handed down a federal judge in Birmingham (Alabama). The Lounge will also be confiscated money and property obtained by illegal means (according to the newspaper, we are talking about millions of dollars).

As it turned out as a result of the investigation, a 46-year-old Hall in 2005-2006, was the intermediary between the military, are distributed in Kuwait orders for bribes and kickbacks, and entrepreneurs. He faces up to 20 years in prison. The sentence apparently was softer because of the Hall in 2011 gave evidence against one of the defendants in the case — Major Eddie Pressley (Eddie Pressley). In January 2012, Pressly was sentenced to 12 years in prison.The fault in this case recognized several officers, including a lieutenant colonel and four majors. Amount of bribes and kickbacks, according to the investigation, exceeded $ 20 million. And nine million of that amount, presumably, was Major John Kokerhem (John Cockerham), who pleaded guilty. In 2009 Kokerhema sentenced to 17.5 years in prison and forced to pay 9.6 million dollars.

In this entrepreneur George Lee (George Lee), of which, according to the authorities, paying bribes and kickbacks, pleads not guilty. According to investigators, a criminal scheme he was involved with in 2004, when his company was due to Major Gloria Davis (Gloria Dean Davis) an order to supply buses for the U.S. base Arifdzhan (Camp Arifjan) in Kuwait. According to the investigation, during which Lee was offered a job for her son, and ordered to put on her account in Thailand 80,000 dollars. In 2006, Davis committed suicide (shortly before she confessed to involvement in a criminal scheme to investigators in Baghdad).


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