In the United States because of errors investigation were sentenced to death 27 people


FBI conducts unprecedented scale revision of old criminal cases. Experts have found that over the past 40 years as a result of errors of forensic experts to death were sentenced 27 people.

Official results of the federal test are not yet available, so the number of wrongly sentenced to death, people can grow, writes The Washington Post. The investigation is ongoing and is expected, its results will be announced in late August.

The newspaper said the FBI experts have already learned about 21.7 thousand cases and found them more than 120 errors made by members of the investigative labs working with evidence. On the basis of erroneous conclusions of investigators 27 people have been unjustly sentenced to death.

The FBI has launched a campaign to check cases after last July in The Washington Post published an article in which the authors claimed that the authorities were aware of the methods of the investigation the FBI labs, but made no attempt to conduct an internal investigation and justify the prisoners. Then, in particular, they talked about the fact that the death penalty is not imposed only on the basis of microscopic analysis of hair defendants and hair found at the crime scene.

The FBI report, issued in 1970, noted that the study of the hair can not be used as the only evidence against the suspect, the newspaper writes. However, many agents did not pay attention to these instructions and continued to use the "old" methods.

FBI officials say they will consider all such cases and to identify the consequences of errors, even if the suspect has been charged and executed.

"When there's a problem, you need to identify it, then remove and make sure that more of this will never happen" — said the senior counsel to the FBI, Andrew Weissman.

Experts believe that the materials of criminal cases and audit reports wrongly executed people again will cause numerous protests against the death penalty in the United States.

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