In the United States fell radioactive rain

In the U.S., radioactive rain fell Facts

Fig. According to the indicators of a Geiger counter, radiation levels in Toronto wet from the rain the grass is thousands of pulses per minute.

Residents of the U.S. state of Toronto witnessed the loss of "natural" radioactive rain. By measuring the specific levels of radiation dosimeter in rain dew of his house, people were stunned by the results. The device showed thousands of pulses of radioactive particles per minute.

In fact, the fallout has long ceased to be a rare phenomenon in the world, because every day in the planet's atmosphere gets more and more dangerous products of the nuclear industry. Besides, there is such a thing as natural radiation.

Large enough uranium content, half-life of 4.5 billion years, according to some soils and rocks. Slowly transforming into the ground, the uranium is converted into radon gas, which evaporates and enters the atmosphere. Molecules radon live no more than 4 days. Decay, they emit alpha and beta radiation, which washes and regular rain, becoming radioactive. However, it is not clear that the rain had fallen in Toronto completely natural origin and emission nuclear plants do not have anything to do with him.

Every day the human body bobmordiruet to 1 million radioactive particles emerging from the sun or of the modified atoms of uranium and thorium. As such, they are pretty harmless. Yet such is the maximum limit radiation bath, airing the room, and not to abuse the time spent in the sun, because radon has the ability to transform into lead-210 and polonium-210. These elements accumulate in the lungs and are considered strong carcinogens. In the United States each year 21,000 people die from lung cancer caused by the decay products of radon gas.

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