In the valley of Kedarnath occurred deadly landslide

June 19, 2013. The tragedy happened in one of the valleys of the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand, where people are struggling to cope with the consequences of the terrible floods, has now claimed the lives of 131 people. Landslide virtually wiped out the village Kedrnath where the famous Hindu temple.

According to preliminary data, the disaster claimed the lives of 50 villagers. The fate of more than 6,000 people still do not know, 20 of them were servants of the temple. The search for the missing much more complicated, since a landslide severely damaged landing area for helicopters rescue, and other safe ways to deliver the units in the valley is not blurred. The temple was left untouched by a landslide, but all the buildings and the grounds around it are filled with mud and destroyed.

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Experts suggest that such a massive landslide could be formed after the breakup in the glacier Kedar, deterring the water pressure in the Himalayan lake Charbak. Breakthrough ice can be compared with the breakthrough of river levees. After such emergencies in areas located below, there is little chance of escape from flooding or mudslides, especially since the lake has a sufficiently large displacement and the Himalayas is anything but flat mountains with a small bias. Details of the tragedy will learn after a survey of the valley from the air.


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