In the west of. Java landslide occurred

In the west of. Java landslide occurred Natural Disasters

Heavy downpours have become an echo of typhoon Bohan, eroded soil in the western half of the Indonesian. Java and caused the landslide. As a result, one miner, producing work in the mine near the site of the cataclysm, was killed. Another 21 employees illegally operating gold mines near Sukabumi yet unaccounted for. Except mine landslide flattened 12 houses and two bridges connecting Sukabumi and the province of Banten.

This area of the archipelago of Indonesia due to its mountainous terrain is often subjected to all kinds of natural disasters of this nature, especially after the rainy season. Especially vulnerable to fatal events of informal wage workers producing mines, many of which violated safety requirements.
In this episode of the five miners, fortunately, managed to survive. But every year, thousands of people living and working in the mountains of Indonesia because of the proximity of the fertile soil and varied wealth of resources at risk of flooding or danger from possible landslides.

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