In Ukraine, the Chupacabra comes to people through the portal


Original hypothesis concerning the origin of the elusive nature of the beast called "Chupacabra" announced days researcher of anomalous phenomena Vladimir Litovka, the initiator of the "anomalous" in the school museum Romni (Sumy region).

Ukrainian researcher manifestation of the "phenomenon of Chupacabra" believes that the solution lies in the phenomenon of other unsolved areas of our existence.

"Being referred to as the phenomenon of" Chupacabra ", enters into our world through space-time portals, which are located at the positions of the Scythian burial cemeteries" — in all seriousness, the researcher has to consider its version of colleagues. — The ancient Scythians to bury their kings, chose special places with strong energy. They believed that the dead are only able to get to the afterlife. I have a 2009 (a relatively small area) were about 50 cases of active phenomenon of "Chupacabra" is in such a strong energy field. "

Heatmap chupacabra in Sumy region


The researcher of anomalous phenomena suggests that a powerful Ukrainian space-time portal is among the 80 earthen mounds of Scythian ancient necropolis. According to him, "every night (for 2 years) from the necropolis (1.7 km) heard terrible cries of creatures, the snow can be found strange footprints, and local residents have become accustomed to anomalies and do not pay her any attention."

Mound Oksyutintsy


For his version, the author of the original hypothesis put chupacabra map activity in the Sumy region, which was based on his own observations and research.

As you know, now the necropolis protected by the state! Whether it is related in some way (even if the beyond), with the phenomenon of Chupacabra — the answer can only be given further study.

Mound Voschiliha

A schematic map of the reserve



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