In Yakut village back winter

June 24, 2013. Weather often presents unexpected surprises, the snow in the middle of summer — it's a real event that happened today in Yakutia.

Residents Yakut village Aihal Mariiinskogo district in the morning found that the leaves of trees and green grass covered with snow, like surrealist painter mixed the dream and reality on the one painting, with the difference that everything that has happened — a reality. The photographs have been laid out in a network of citizens of the republic, in the village of snow covered everything: land, houses, cars. Someone right in their window sill fashioned a small snowman.

Here is an interesting summer turns the inhabitants of the south-west of Yakutia, whereas in all other areas, including Yakutsk — the capital of the region, is a real hot daytime temperatures rise to 25-30 degrees.

Surprised at such contrasts, we should remember that Yakutia — a region where spring begins in May. The spring period is very short, so that the cold weather in June is quite possible. This is what happened in Aikhal. The temperature dropped to zero degrees and high humidity and low atmospheric pressure and precipitation of snow. According to weather forecasts, snow, of course, melted, but the sharp warming is not expected.

Source: News Gismeteo

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