Increase in greenhouse gas emissions in Europe

Increase in greenhouse gas emissions in Europe, scientists have proved

Greenhouse gas emissions have increased over the last year in Europe, but the EU continues to be guided by fixed quotas Kyoto agreement.

For the year 2010 in Europe, an increase in emissions of 2.4%, while in 2009 was 7% decline. This is explained by the general economic growth and the long winter season, due to which the use of fuels for heating was increased.

The 1990 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 10.7% proved to be much higher than the required 8% in the period 2008-2012. Unilaterally end the EU should still cut emissions by 20% by 2020. However, the European Environment Agency reports that although the planned additional measures will help to reduce emissions, but will be insufficient to achieve the performance, the long-term. Austria, Italy, Luxembourg, the Agency noted as a country do not observe the terms of the Kyoto Protocol.

Although greenhouse gas emissions depends on the country's economic development, analysis, however, shows that the trend is toward reducing emissions. "In addition to the use of renewable energy, reduction of water pollution also contributes to the achievement of the goal of reducing emissions."

The first period of the Protocol expires in 2012, but negotiations on a new agreement to date have failed.

Photo: ISS / NASA

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