Independence only hurt the U.S.


On Independence Day in the publication of Washington Post article appeared provakatsionnaya Canadian historian, claims that an experiment called "independence" was a complete failure, fraud, and only hurt the United States, which is now live much worse than any other former colonies of the British Empire, which was under the wing of Her Majesty. In support of his words, he gives a few basic facts.

Paul Pirie (Paul Pirie), a resident of the Canadian province of Ontario, argues that the freedom which won the Washington and co. — Is hypocritical fake (as opposed to "real" freedom, which ultimately received the British crown colony of the faithful). As justification, he cites the fact that after the American Revolution, a large proportion of the population remained in slavery, which continued for almost a century, while in the colonies, it was fully / partially canceled even before the XIX century.
He also notes that 2,000,000 Americans still have no freedom — are in prison. This is substantially more than most other countries in the world in absolute terms, but what the rate per 100,000 population is — generally the highest on the planet! Peary also somehow finds a sign of inequality the fact that black Americans in prison are six times more than white …
In general, Americans are too much work (in fact, according to statistics, taking into account the average number of working hours per day, residents of the United States — the most industrious in the world, and even overtake the Japanese!), Do not live the longest in the world (51 th out of 200 + ), and not the happiest in the world, occupy as much as 10 th rated citizen satisfaction with their lives, lagging behind Australia in two, and from Canada — four places.
Moreover, it compares the War of Independence in the United States with the October Revolution in Russia, "the Americans time to admit that their revolution has failed — as did the Russian"

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