IRAN MAY came close to developing nuclear weapons in 2013, said the Minister of Defense of Israel

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said that Iran does not want to be removed from their own nuclear ambitions and can tightly closer to nuclear weapons in the next year. «I am convinced that Iran is trying to follow in the footsteps of Pakistan and North Korea» in the nuclear field, Barak said Thursday at a press conference in Washington after talks with Pentagon chief Leon Panetta.
At the same time, Barak expressed confidence that other countries have «those in any other way» force Iran to abandon its own purposes. He hopes that this will happen before the Islamic Republic of reach, as he puts it, «zone of immunity», which means the working hours of enriched uranium or weapons-grade plutonium in an amount sufficient for the creation of at least 1st nuclear warhead.
With all of this very peculiar Barak responded to clarifying questions when Iran would be in the «zone» and will be able to blackmail other countries using nuclear weapons. «I think that it will happen during 2013, although earlier I thought it would happen in 2012, but it did not work, and in 2011 also did not work», — said the Israeli minister.
He acknowledged that the forecasts are not always accurate, although in the near future intelligence data from different countries, also estimates of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the Iranian nuclear applets become more adequate and similar. In any case, Barak believes that the international community should look closely at all the steps of Tehran in the nuclear field and has no illusions about his goals.
Israeli Defense Minister does not believe that the international economic and political sanctions will force the Iranian supreme control to change its policies and to abandon its nuclear military component applets. According to him, he would be happy if there was a revolution in Iran, which, like the events of the «Arab Spring», dared to present regime, but «on some dreams and prayers can not build a strategy» in the field of national security. Because Barak explained, «a strike on Iran remains one of the possible options.»
The fact that a similar development as in the past is not ruled not only by Israel, and the United States, confirmed Panetta. «The U.S. president said that we will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapon, and that remains our policy,» — said the head of the Pentagon.
At the same time, he believes that «while there is still time and abilities in order to try to solve this dilemma by diplomatic.» «I think it would be a more desirable option for the United States and Israel» — highlighted Panetta.

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