Iranian schools will be closed because of the dirty air

Iranian schools will be closed because of the dirty air Facts

As stated by the representatives of the province of Tehran, December 4 and 5, all schools, universities, ministries and other government agencies will be closed due to air pollution levels that exceeded all acceptable performance. This decision was taken in order to prevent the students and workers of stress and physical discomfort caused by the inability to breathe properly in the province, where about 12 million people.

This prohibition applies to all locations except the cities of Damavand and Firuzkuh, located in the north of Tehran. At the same time, banks everywhere will continue to work normally. Those groups that are allowed to fail or not to study, it is recommended to cancel the opportunity to cancel trips to the city.
The level of air pollution and smog density increased over the past few days. This became especially noticeable in the capital and in the major cities of Iran such as Isfahan and Arak. Such measures to provide weekend Iranians practiced for several years, since about the time of year especially strongly exacerbated the issue of urban air quality. The main causes of pollution and smog are Iranian-made cars that consume a lot of fuel and emit lower quality huge amount of emissions.

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