Is it dangerous to solar storms?

Is it dangerous to solar storms? It is interesting

Solar storms can throw a stream of charged particles, capable of a speed of 1.5 million miles per hour. Sometimes solar storm reaches Earth. Is it dangerous? Should I be concerned?

At the moment, the sun is in its active phase of the 11-year cycle. Many dark spots open for viewing through special telescopes and filters. Space observatories capable of detecting bright flashes, which are powerful radiation from the surface of the sun for a few minutes to several hours. Random coronal mass ejections as bubbles of gas and magnetic fields that contain billions of tons of charged particles, sometimes fall into interplanetary space and reach the Earth. The strongest in the last 7 years is considered a storm that took place on 24 January 2012.

On the one hand, such events do not pose any threat to the Earth's surface. Atmosphere and magnetosphere protect people on the ground level. But in space the charged particles can cause radioactive damage in humans and mammals. Large doses of radiation can be lethal to astronauts.

On the other hand, solar storms are dangerous for a variety of devices. When a coronal mass ejections reach Earth's atmosphere, there is a temporary violation of the Earth's magnetic field. As a result, many satellites cease to function, but high flying aircraft can douse radiation flux. Also cause erroneous communications and navigation systems. By powerful storms in the entire city can be observed failures. However, while the charged particles reach Earth, it takes several days, which allows people to avoid serious consequences: for example, the systems on satellites can be temporarily disabled.

The current solar cycle, called physicists 24th to reach its peak in February 2013. Number of solar storms at the end of 2011 — beginning of 2012 is big enough, and it will grow.

There is every reason to believe that solar storms occur on the surface of the sun billions of years, ever since, as the Earth and the sun began to exist, and therefore, life on Earth has always existed under the influence of the Sun.

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