Is it possible to drown in a volcano?

Is it possible to drown in a volcano? It is interesting

Fig. Lava lake in the crater of the volcano Niragongo in Congo.

Many thrillers special effect used when the character is drowning in boiling lava of the volcano and dissolves instantly at about a thousand degrees. This happened with the villain Gollum from "The Lord of the Rings." But geologist Eric Klemetti sure that everything is a bit different.

Rather, it falls into the lava man will not sink, but will be retained on the surface of the hot mass. First, this is because the density of the lava three times the density of water, and therefore the human body. Second, the viscosity of lava about 100 thousand — 1 million times higher than that of water. It is more like peanut butter or fat than on the fluid.

In this matter of drowning is extremely difficult. What you exactly guaranteed, so it is almost instantaneous transformation into a burning ember under the influence of heat of molten rock, which exceeds any oven four times.

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