It is time to bring down a U.S. city

When the U.S. economy is falling apart and the world becomes increasingly unstable, more and more Americans, more than than ever before, become "survivalist" («Preppers» — people who are prepared to survive in the face of economic and political disaster, the translator's note, It is estimated that in the United States today is not less than two million "survivalist", but how many actually no one really knows. The fact that it is very difficult to determine, since many of the "survivalist" just do not talk about their preparations. Your neighbor can store food warehouse in the garage or in the bedroom and you never gave even know it. A growing number of Americans are convinced that we are on the verge of really bad events. But is it enough just to store some additional food and supplies most necessary things? What happens if a major U.S. cities will start a riot, as predicted by George Soros? What will happen if the economy totally falls apart and our cities sink into anarchy and chaos, as we saw in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina? In some major U.S. cities such as Detroit, looting already are rampant. Detroit already has whole blocks of houses, completely plundered by thieves, all of them made that has any value. Unfortunately, the economic situation threatens to get much worse than it is at the moment. So is not it time to leave the big city? Should not the "survivalist" to look for safer places for themselves and their families? This is a legitimate question.

According to a recent poll by Gallup, satisfaction with the government is now at a record low. Americans are rapidly losing faith in virtually all of the major institutions of society.

Anger and frustration have risen to very dangerous levels, and we are fast approaching the boiling point.

When people feel that they have nothing more to lose, they fall into despair.

Desperate people do desperate things.

In many communities in the United States today, the crime was so terrible phenomenon that people literally sleep with their guns.

The following is a story that recently sent me from Rancho Cordova, California, one of my readers ….

When I first came here, it was not a bad place, quiet and clean.

However, over the last three years, this place has turned into trash, thugs and hooligans everywhere.

Twice I have prevented the break-in machines, scaring off burglars.

When I went home over the weekend for Thanksgiving, someone decided to break into my apartment.

They defeated her, and stole all my stuff and even took my police car.

I'm sure they were watching me for a while, because they do not take things for which it was possible to identify that they belong to me.

Thank God, my arms were with me.

In many parts of the country, law enforcement officials have been sharply reduced because of budget problems, while the crime is growing rapidly.

City of Detroit is now teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. Recently, it was officially announced that due to budgetary constraints, all police stations will be closed 16 hours a day. Since then, they will only work from 8 am to 4 pm.

But the Detroit police needed now more than ever. Here's what one British reporter saw during a visit to Detroit ….

Many areas of Detroit are extremely dangerous for its people, who in many cases are only here because they have nowhere else to go. The level of property crime — twice the U.S. average, the level of violent crime — in three. Boarded and stripped houses, flooded roads, old, rusty car abandoned in front gardens, overgrown with tall grass and trees, all of this suggests that you are somewhere in rural Alabama, not in one of the largest ever built , industrial cities.

Detroit's population today is less than half of what it was before. The last few decades, people have left him in droves, and today large areas of the city are in the final stage of decay.

Not too many people want to buy a house now in Detroit. Currently, the average price of a home in the city is only $ 6,000.

The video shows the "ruins of Detroit", a show in which is hard to believe ….

Detroit has become a very scary place. 100 bus drivers recently refused to go on their routes out of fear of being attacked. The head of the bus drivers union, Henry Gaffney, said that drivers in the literal sense of the word "fear for their lives" ….

"Our drivers are scared, they fear for their lives. That is the current situation with security. I think that yesterday's incident was just the last straw. One of our drivers was beaten by several teens middle of Rosa Parks, and the police took almost 30 minutes to get to the center of Detroit, "said Gaffney.

But such problems are not only in Detroit.

In Cleveland, more than 50 percent of all children live in poverty and abandoned houses scattered everywhere.

The city has already demolished about 1,000 homes, and there is a plan to demolish more than 20 thousand. Next is a quote from a recent reportage Scott Pelley on CBS News ….

Currently in Cleveland, Ohio demolished excellent good houses, a couple of years ago which cost 75, 100, and more than a thousand dollars. The deep recession has meant that a fifth of the houses are empty. The owners had left them because they could not or did not want to continue paying the mortgage, which was twice the value of the home. Cleveland waited four years that housing prices will recover, but now they have decided to face facts and bury the dead.

In St. Louis, people have a different problem. In some of the worst areas of the city pack of stray dogs have become a serious threat to children who walk to school. In a recent reportage local station CBS situation in St. Louis, described as ….

Lewis Reed … sounds the alarm. "I have personally witnessed. I saw a pack of dogs, 10 or 15 dogs together, and I saw that they had no collars, no, this is really wild dogs, "he said.

Reed says stray dogs are terrorizing northern outskirts. "It is unprecedented that parents should walk with the children to school, and in some parts of the city — from golf clubs to fend off wild dogs."

How would you feel if you had to fight back from a pack of stray dogs when you are driving your child to school?

Similar things can be seen on the west coast.

For example, in San Francisco there is absolutely dreadful place, the district, which is known under the name «Hunter's Point». More than half of the population is living below the poverty line, and more than half of all children live in a home where there is no father. That's what the reporter found when visiting «Hunter's Point» ….

Abernathy and I crossed complex, stamping on the space consisting of dirt and concrete toward the northeast side of the building, where a number of houses looked down with a green hill. We stopped next to an empty, covered with boards of the house to see the whole picture: the flow of ****, urine, tampons, and toilet paper was thrown out of a dark hole in the sidewalk, poured down the hill and formed a sort of lagoon ** ** next to the street. In the lagoon weeds grew about six inches tall.

Fresh ****, obviously, it's not too pleasant. Besides the fact that it smells and looks nasty, feces are a haven for dangerous bacteria, especially E. coli, the pathogen dangerous disease that people can even die, especially infants.

Conditions similar to those that reign here are a great breeding ground for crime.

Across America, in all major cities, crime — drug trafficking, racketeering and prostitution are on the rise. A quote from a recent article in the New York Times, ….

In November, a frightened 13-year-old girl knocked on the door of an apartment in Brooklyn. When a surprised woman opened, the girl begged to give her the phone. First, she called her mother, and then dialed 911.

Yunnaya girl I'll call Baby Face because of her looks, bitterly told the police that her pimp forced to sell sex. He brought her to the house and told her to go to an apartment where a customer was waiting, she said, and now he was waiting for her downstairs to make sure she did not run away. She went upstairs, as she said, a pimp, but then accidentally knocked on this door in hopes of getting help.

In some major U.S. cities gangs virtually took power into their own hands. In an article entitled "City of Ruins", Chris Hedges describes what is present-day life in the city of Camden, New Jersey ….

[The town] There are about a hundred of open drug markets, most of which are controlled by gangs such as the Bloods, Latin Kings, Los Nietos and MS-13. A handful of young men in black leather jackets and baggy T-shirts sell drugs to clients, many of whom come from the suburbs. The drug trade is one of the few thriving urban businesses. Weapons, as police say, is never more than a few meters, it is usually hidden behind a trash can, in the grass or under the stairs.

According to the FBI — now the total number of gang members in the country of 1.4 million people. Since 2009, the number of gangs has increased by 40 percent.

The number of crimes committed by organized groups of young people is growing across the country. Watch this video which shows a flash-mob robbery in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Unfortunately, this is only the beginning.

This country still enjoys a high level of well-being and in comparison with most of the rest of the world, we still maintain a very high standard of living.

So what's the nightmare begins when the economy really collapses?

The worst thing is that the criminals are beginning to intrude into private homes.

The following story about a home invasion reader sent from Sacramento, California ….

Someone got into my sister's house last night, when she was not home. My mother was upstairs, but heard nothing. Whoever it was, but they were eating chips and going over a pile of clothes my sister, who was left in her pregnancy and that she had prepared for sale on Ebay. He left a dirty boxer shorts and the lower denture teeth at the dinner table. Fortunately, when she returned home, he was gone. I was amazed, but the police actually came and they collected fingerprints and took his shorts and false teeth. Perhaps it was a homeless guy. Maybe he changed his dirty rags to clean jeans for pregnant women, so that the police should just look for the guy in jeans for pregnant women and no lower teeth.

That's because of cases like this, an increasing number of Americans are deciding that it is better to be armed.

It is true you never know, you will fail.

For example, the other day, in the state of Pennsylvania is one 65-year-old man was suddenly knocked off his bike three young thugs.

The man pulled out a gun and shot two of them. One of the teens was killed.

On the border with Mexico, many farmers, ranchers, found that potentially fight could break out at any night. The federal government has refused to defend the border and the flow of millions of illegal immigrants streamed into the country. The following story was recently published online ….

Fence of barbed wire does not deter illegal immigrants from penetrating to the ranch. One of ranchmenov District One Starr, Texas, these days there is no time to worry about the illegals. Now it is concerned about the smugglers protecting their loads.

"I think they can shamelessly take the life of a man," says the farmer.

He knows first hand how it is. A smuggler shot at him on his own land.

"He shot me, the bullet flew about two feet above your head," says the farmer.

He says that there is one and only way to react.

"Let out the whole clip, reload, and shoot again."

The more stories like this, you look, the more clearly understand why, in 2011, the United States has sold more than 10 million weapons.

The truth is that you never know when you might need it to protect yourself.

This past New Year's Eve, New Year's Eve in the house, where the single mother named Sarah McKinley and her son tried to break a three-month, two armed men. If she did not have a gun, do not know what might happen. The following is a quote from a report about the incident ….

A woman from Oklahoma was at home with her 3-month-old son when two men tried to break into the house. Armed with a shotgun and a pistol called 911.

Operator: "Your door locked?"

Woman: "Yes, I've got two guns in his hands. It's ok if I shoot at him if he comes through that door "

Operator: "I can not tell you what you can do, but you should do everything to protect a child."

Mother shot killing one of the attackers. Oklahoma police called the shooting justified.

What would you do in this situation?

America is rapidly changing and we all have to adapt to the new reality around us.

The truth is that America is not what it once was. In some cities, the U.S. government actually bury their dead in mass graves.

Throughout the United States, major cities sit penniless and are rapidly degraded. They are full of poor people who are quickly becoming an embittered and disillusioned.

In the cities just are not enough jobs for everyone. Millions of ordinary Americans spend their days agonizing meditations on how to find any means of subsistence for themselves and their families.

And as the situation in the economy is getting worse, the economic downturn in this country will soon reach an unprecedented depth.

So is not it time to leave the big cities in America?

In the end, each of us will be faced with the need to ask yourself this question.

Jobs are scarce, so if you currently have a good job, then you probably should not give it up. This can be an incredibly complex undertaking — to move to another place when you have no job.

One solution would be to move away from your current job, so we lived in the countryside. But the rising cost of gasoline may make such a move is very expensive.

Some families are buying second homes, where they can "pull back" in the event of a major disaster or emergency. But if your financial resources are limited, it may not be a suitable option for you.

In the end, you just have to do the best you can with what you have.

But if you are able to move anywhere, it is best to do just in relatively stable times (like now) than when times are very unstable.

So what do you think?

Is it time to leave the big cities?

Please do not hesitate to leave a comment with your opinion ….

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