It is time to dissolve the runaway NATO alliance (Global Research, Canada)

It is time to dissolve the runaway NATO alliance ("Global Research", Canada)

When finished cool war, Many believe that there will be peace dividend, nuclear disarmament, and dismantling the war machine with the translation industry to civilian production. Instead, we witnessed the brutal expansion of NATO to include in its membership of the former Russian republics, right up to the border of Russia. This should be a signal of excitement for many living in the American Empire. Many people to this day are living under very obviously wrong impression as if the U.S. is the prototype of upholding the rule of law, the sanctity of the UN and human rights. In the end, the Americans — those great men who defeated Hitler and made the world a non-dangerous for the development of democracy in it. The expansion of NATO came in spite of the promises that were given to Gorbachev after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the beginning of the peaceful collapse of the Union of Russian. He was promised that if he would withdraw their objections to the inclusion of a united Germany in NATO as a full and heavily armed members, the Western countries to freeze the process for accepting new members into the alliance and will not expand its borders further east. Our homeland during the second world war and Hitler's aggression has lost 20 million man, and its concern about the role and the reunited Germany in the fledgling NATO alliance, which before that, he was her enemy, was completely understandable.

I was in the Russian Union in 1989, a delegation of New York Prof. round table — in those heady days when Gorbachev was appointed the newest doctrine of perestroika and glasnost. Then it seemed that every man over sixty on the chest were medals and orders, indicating their participation in the stateliness Russian war. On every second square of Moscow and Leningrad were monuments to the dead in that war. Piskarevskoe cemetery in Leningrad, with its acres of mass graves where the buried more than half a million man, died during the 872-day siege of the town on the Neva River, was painful and tearing soul spectacle that haunts me to this day. The result of the blockade was a tragic death and a half million fighter and peaceful individuals, 1400000 evacuation of people, many of whom died from hunger and were destroyed by shelling. Guide our delegation in certain moments of asked me, "Why are you Americans do not trust us?" "Why do not we trust to you?" — I exclaimed indignantly.

"What about Hungary? How about Czechoslovakia? Why do we have to trust you? "He looked at me sadly and resentfully:" But we did have to protect their borders from Germany! "I looked into his pale blue eyes and felt the passionate sincerity of his words. At that moment I felt that my government has thrown me long years of repeating the communist threat. The land between Russia and Germany is flat as a table. There is no buffer zone that prevents the German attack, but the mountains in Czechoslovakia and Hungary. Russia preparing for the defense, increasing its military power. They used Eastern Europe as a buffer to protect them from repeating the horrors of war that they have experienced for themselves during the German invasion.

And what we are defending, wasting many trillions of dollars on nuclear weapons and NATO forces? We in eight countries on the European continent have focused massive force, including nuclear weapon. And when we were the only state in the world has nuclear weapons — after Hiroshima and Nagasaki — we refused to pass it under international control under the auspices of the UN, as urged by a bomb father Robert Oppenheimer. Instead of President Truman in his "Baruch Plan" insisted an unfair advantage for the United States. He urged South American folk loaf that behaves sensibly and appropriate, making it appear as if offers fair conditions for the control of the bomb, although in reality it forced Stalin to make its own nuclear weapon. So Makar, we are in a tragic and costly arms race, putting under threat its national security and the fate of our planet.

Nothing has changed. I left the Empire clothes. They ripped off. Once in the order of one-sided contract with Russia on missile defense, the United States led the way for the creation of a NATO missile ring around the Russian Federation in Europe. NATO is conducting its own armed forces of globalization and war. Armada loaded missile warships of NATO crisscrossing the oceans, and the United States have deployed on every continent of our planet almost a thousand of their own military bases. Acting in such a strengthening of the military structure, members of the NATO and their allies surrounded by China in the Pacific, as we surround Russia. They reject the repeated proposals of Russia and China begin talks on banning gallakticheskih weapons. NATO is a lawless and out of control union, bent upon by ruthless force to control the world's supplies of oil and other dwindling resources.

For the first time the U.S. pulled NATO in illegal acts when they began to bombard Kosovo in the interests of "protecting" the people. For all this they acted without required by law to UN sanctions, which in accordance with the charter of the organization need to start wars waged not for the purpose of protection against armed attack. United States and its NATO allies have refused to appeal to the UN for approval at the beginning of the fighting, as requested fatigued, as our homeland has threatened to veto such actions in the Security Council in order to protect its ally Serbia.

Despite the lip-service of NATO fictional "responsibility to protect" Kosovo Albanians (why it was useful in down and the remains of bombed the Serbs), Clinton, as you know, said the subsequent: "If we want to maintain strong economic affairs, including our ability to sell their products in the world , that Europe should become the key in this case … That's why this whole idea of Kosovo. "

It is unrealistic to believe that the NATO attack on Libya is associated only with the "protection of civilians" — after the bombings of NATO drones and at the same time killed hundreds of innocent people of the same. There is an ancient colonial network of NATO is also trying to get hold of Libyan oil. NATO's current time fighting three wars: in Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq. The United States also blindly bombard Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. Their "pilots" sit at computers and playing their joysticks, unlawfully kill "terrorists" using their own drones, heaping death and destruction in the top of the invisible people, killing those they suspect of wanting to inflict harm, but without having all this forensic evidence of their guilt, and destroying them with an unlimited amount of anything as innocent men, women and kids.

Block NATO it is time to dissolve. In May 2012, in Chicago to host a summit of the North Atlantic Alliance. Activists of the masses are organized all over the world, trying to make your own anti-summit in Chicago in order to restore the rule of law as a means of settling international disputes, to present a new vision of global security and peace in the world. To join this newcomer a call to action and to express solidarity with the movement for the dissolution of NATO, contact Judith LeBlanc (Judith LeBlanc) or with Joseph Gerson (Joseph Gerson), followed by addresses: jleblanc@pea,

Alice Slater — New York Director of the "Peace in the nuclear age» (Nuclear Age Peace Foundation). She also works in the Coordinating Committee of International Networks «Abolition 2000".

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