It seems that the third will begin with a global impact on Syria … (Press CORE, Canada)

It seems that the Third World War will start with a bang on Syria ...  (Press CORE, Canada)Third global war is imminent. Three Russian warships in the current time patrolling the territorial waters of Syria, they are ready to protect the people of, living in this country from the unprovoked attack of NATO and the United States. Obama gave the order to deploy a carrier battle group (CSG) «George HW Bush» to strike at Syria. While South American fleet is being prepared, the U.S. government is using blackmail, murder and dangerous withdrawal of monetary assets in America, trying to force the Arab League to support the establishment of no-fly zones (in the Libyan style — the use of force) over Syria.

Our homeland is opposed to any U.S. or NATO intervention in Syria. Our home knows that the unrest in Syria are the United States. Russian and Canadian intelligence agencies say that the U.S. government had ordered the CIA to recruit and flip a group of foreign mercenaries in Syria — to overthrow the government of this country. CIA mercenaries were also used born in Kenya administration of President Barack Hussein Obama to overthrow the government of Libya.

Syria is home to more than 100 thousand people of. Our homeland must protect its own people in Syria from military aggression by the United States. On Friday Our homeland rejected the "extraterritorial" sanctions against Iran proposed by the United States as "unacceptable and in violation of international law."

"The United States is playing here in a very deadly game. This game can lead to the fact that our homeland will take defensive military action to protect themselves, their military installations (Russian Navy maintains a supply base in the Syrian port of Tartus) and the people of the Russian Federation," said an employee of the Russian zabugornoy intelligence, speaking on the criteria of anonymity.

Our homeland is armed with a missile 3M-54E (Sizzler) — the killer of aircraft carriers. Sizzler flies at subsonic speed, and when approaching the target is accelerated to supersonic. In the United States Navy is no anti-aircraft missile systems capable of protecting ships from missiles of that type. U.S. carriers are very vulnerable to attack these supersonic cruise missiles and torpedoes, supercavitation using technologies such torpedoes developed by Russia and shipped to countries such as China, India and Iran. Specifically, for this reason, according to intelligence officials, Obama intends poruha on Syria, knowing that our home will answer the sinking aircraft carrier CVN-77 «George HW Bush». European bankers (who are kept under the control of the European Central Bank and the U.S. Federal Reserve) Obama gave the order to start a world war. The attack on Syria will provoke a war with Russia.

More damning evidence that the U.S. government decides to make a difficult invade Syria, and to compel Russia to retaliate, given in an article posted on — «The U.S. government bezotstupno urges the American people to leave Syria." Turkish people have also been warned to stay away from this country.

Forbes, USA

The U.S. government calls bezotstupno own people to leave Syria

E.D. Kyne

According to CBS, the continuing violence against dissidents in Syria government U.S. urged own people immediately leave the country. Turkish citizens have also been warned to stay away from Syria. Salting the U.S. in Syria Robert Ford went from there in the past month.

The U.S. Embassy continues to urge its own people in Syria to leave immediately, "is still available commercial transport", as it says in a statement posted Wednesday on the website of the embassy. "The number of airlines flying to Syria, decreased markedly since the summer, and those who remained, substantially reduced the number of flights. "

Meanwhile, Tyler Durden on its website Zero Hedge writes that, according to Stratfor, CVN 77 «George HW Bush» left its own common area of combat patrol, the critical point in a particular geo-strategic proximity to the Strait of Hormuz, where he usually soprovozhdalya "Stennis", and " parked "… right next to Syria. "

What does this mean?

Well, the initial success of the mission in Libya could give the favorites of the Western world more belief that they need to initiate another intervention.

Naturally, though any interference Syria entail a response from Iran. The war with Syria and Iran will be such that the Iraq war will seem a leisurely stroll along the banks of the Tigris.

Are we going to fight a war with Syria? It is still very early to read about it, but the dire warnings about the citizens to leave the country, the unexpected arrival of an aircraft carrier, as tensions rise in Syria in conjunction with the inability of anyone else to act on Syria, make this prospect more frightening and more than , more and more than possible.

As it is unimaginable, I do not think we should ignore the possibility. In my opinion, it would be a disaster with long-term, far-reaching consequences, both at home and abroad, but I do not think we can rely on the wisdom of our elected officials that they will refrain from purpose to draw us into yet another foreign war. Especially during election season.

According to his own Facebook page aircraft carrier CVN-77 «George HW Bush» this time off the coast of France. A few thoughts about this:

1) I have no belief that Stratfor did not get the wrong information or Durden Stratfor interpret information correctly.

2) Government United States as before urges people to leave the country. This does not mean that we are planning an invasion, but of course, it does not promise us anything decent. Even if it's all a bluff, I think the recent history must force us to think about. We have reason for concern, regardless of the location of a specific carrier.

3) In an aircraft carrier is a page to Facebook. Seriously? Who would know …..

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