Italy counts the losses from floods

Italy counts the losses from floods Facts

Finally, the water level at the Venetian faces began to return to normal, and with a record 1.5 meters on St. Mark's Square down to 90 cm during the week predicted a further reduction of the water level, and experts expect that figure drops to 60 cm to weekends.

The decline of water — this is a joyous occasion for indigenous Venetians, and for tourists planning to visit the city, but the elation quite lost when it comes to damage to the city and the more southern regions of Italy prolonged rains and the subsequent floods.
In Tuscany during floods killed four people. Three of them died in his car while driving on a bridge near Manciano, who could not stand the pressure of water. Part of a major highway in the region closest to the river channel, and several secondary roads are temporarily closed to traffic. Another person was also killed in a car that blew rain flow in the vicinity of the coast Capalbio Tirenskogo Sea.
Throughout Tuscany disrupted rail service, and the local government was forced to ask for help to restore his work to military units. Venice still have to wait a long time to resume a costly project for the construction of water barriers in the lagoon city, some of whom also suffered from a "high water."
Now in Tuscany reduced code of danger, but the flood spill rivers Tiber and Anene flooding is expected in areas to the north of Rome.

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