Its a real Tel Aviv

You know, I was strongly brought all sorts of citizens, to spread their blogs pictures from Cuba or North Korea, Africa, and with the superiority of the finest broadcasting Europe or the U.S.. And about Israel — but positive. Otherwise, accused of anti-Semitism and hounded to death. Let them try to do it with me. And this is only part of the planned exhibition of photographs for me.

Now, Tel Aviv. Cheerful second capital of Israel. All types — not from the South, the poor part of town. It's all area Allenby, Dizengoff and the waterfront.

It is the market, so to speak — the basis of capitalism. Invisible pen tried.

It is true in Africa, such as Somalia, it seems?

Walls are peeled, because sewage was last renovated in the British Mandate.
There is also a spectacle.

A fence is a class "smart aleck-order" or shantytown
Graffiti under the Magen David say: Am Yisrael Hai! (The people of Israel live!)

Here patriots live, as judged by the flag instead of the fence.

A large roof — so that other patriots not stolen …

Dark streaks on the wall of the house — in fecal flow of water. But if you think that the apartments here are cheap — you'd be wrong. 400,000 bucks. Personally interested in for a laugh. Eat — 1300 bucks.

This villa. The roof is really worse than North Korea, but little people live in freedom.

This, too, villa …

And this is the front door … piss in the state only in a terrible Russian … And then just defecate.

And then — the house have a private parking space for a car, as evidenced by the inscription.

Locations asbestos is covered by a slate. This is not a warehouse! People live.

Our presence is noticeable even in Israel! Get out on the fence that says? A building there!

Do you want a house to rent? There's an ad with phones. 3000 bucks a month and it's yours.

Another villa. On the three families.


Iwo house.

House and its podezd. Some apartments — abandoned.

Wonderful time of the mandate of the shutters. Painted them — at the same time.

It used to repair … but the roof is a need to change …

And that, my friends, HOTEL :-) And the fact that sewer pipes outside and flow — it's nothing. Amer live there, I went, I can confirm :-)

Simply houses

Beautiful mansion … He used podremontirovat.

Only from neighbors — 3 meters and that such proulochek-yard.


And here's another one, a corner … Once upon a time was a luxury, and now look.

Architectural masterpieces of the 20's and 30's

The passages between the houses …

The front …

Sewage flows …

A homeless live here.

Just a house. I really love these houses of the 30s. They would be repaired …

More …

And then live proud sons striped flag.

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