Its time to change something

On Saturday at Manezh Square were about 5,000 people priemuschestvenno, football fans and representatives of various nationalistic movements that sought to punish the guilty in the murder of a fan of "Spartacus" Yegor Sviridov from the Northern Caucasus and opposed ethnic crime. Kill it stirred up echoes reaching as Moscow and even to Europe, where on December 9, was almost derailed Champions League match Zilina-Spartak, the referee had to stop the meeting for 20 minutes. While the fans were not satisfied. Yesterday on Manezh Square all ended hassle with riot police, 29 people suffered, perfectly still, that there were no victims of human.

Actions have occurred even alarm bell, it is almost alarm, which government has no right to miss. Nationalist slogans almost under the very walls of the Kremlin reflect the real state of affairs in the Russian society. Already yesterday on the streets and in the subway beating people of Caucasian appearance, often to no avail, even police interference, which could not protect them, quite close to the left and pogroms, and then there will be casualties, most of their own — completely innocent people.

It's time to change something

Hitch in fact not in the representatives of the North Caucasus, as such. The ongoing actions show the disease of Russian society and the weakness of the current government and its inability to solve the pressing problems of the country. Our home has always been and should remain a multi-ethnic state, which is why we are at the moment and occupy the terrain sixth of the land. And those Caucasians who live among us, in almost all long since adapted and successfully joined the modern Russian society. Prepyadstviya appear with the "newcomers." They appear as Our homeland has long been turned away from the problems of the North Caucasus, solving endless infusion of money into the southern republic. From the fact that our homeland is mired in corruption, and in the North Caucasus this hitch took just exaggerated dimensions. Crime there is simply merged with the government and security forces. There's a new generation grows up that can impose only for himself, for his strength and specifically they are coming to the Russian town behave because they are used, as they have them now.

If you read on okolofutbolnye theme, the litmus test of corruption in the country and is our resident football championship. Which shook the entire season on match fixing scandals, especially in the end, when the Caucasian pool of "Alania", "Anji", "Terek" and "Spartacus-LF" showed no football, and theatrical shows. In particular, excelled in exponential programmke players "Terek", scored in 8 games at one point and "stubborn" to inflame matches ceded "Alania" and "Anji". Notable facts about these meetings can have a look here and here. And it's happening in the sport, most massive and the most popular on-site in our country, in a match that transmits TV, what then could be read. All buy and sell everything, that's an example of it for the younger generation.

It's time to change something

Mass actions in this particular case, almost everything was based on the fact that the victim December 6 at the end of mass fight Yegor Sviridov was a fan of the Moscow "Spartak". It's no secret that fans of this team in the middle of the largest number of representatives of the far-right views, but, of course, far not all those who came to Manezh Square were radicals. The mass action, which can outdo the last protest marches and defenders of Article 31 of the Constitution specifically that fans took to the streets. Representatives of more active part of society, hardened in nearly all exits, veterans clashes with the police as well as with people whose blood is full of adrenaline.

Even scary to imagine what would happen if a skirmish die supporters went 2-clubs, for example, "CSKA" and "Spartacus." Then, on the streets of the capital broad front will leave the combined crowds, they will perform all together, is currently in St. Petersburg together were fans of "Zenith" and "Spartacus", who remain irreconcilable. Then there must exist in the mass "puppeteers" who will be able to put its energy into the mainstream they need, they must exist, and that's when there will be casualties.

It's time to change something

On corruption in the country they say endlessly, but from words to real cases abyss. Almost 50% of GDP traded in the informal sector of our economy, in 2010, 16% of the prisoners in cases of corruption were real criminal terms, about 55% received probation, fines otvertelis others, it is not a fight, this is going struggle. The organization Transparency International in 2010 has put Russia on the 154 place among 178 countries, which were investigated on the level of involvement in corruption (the smaller the number, the better). Specifically corruption is the main problem of the modern Russian society. Without the victory over it, it is unrealistic normal development of the country. The law should stand at the center, first in the North Caucasus. Law, not violence, is to become a decisive force in the region, the law, which will be similar for all without elected and untouchable. From being able to power in the next 5-10 years will overcome depends on the existence of corruption within the borders of the country that we are in at the moment.

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