Its time to throw out Britashki.

One in five British with accumulations of more than 250,000 pounds (398,000 dollars) reflects on life abroad as tired of crime, bad weather and high cost, from the data survey Lloyds Banking Group, reports Reuters.

According to the report, 19% of wealthy Britons are thinking about moving to eurozone countries, such as France and Spain, or even further — to the United States, Australia, New Zealand or Canada. According to one working on the report, the international director of Lloyds TSB on the welfare of Nicholas Boyce Smith, the number of wealthy people leaving Britain to increase in the next two years. Smith pointed out that they are concerned about problems with infrastructure, crime, anti-social behavior, taxes and bureaucracy, and abroad, in their opinion, maybe more.

He noted that the most eager to leave the wealthy Londoners. With regard to age, as a rule, these are people aged 25-34. Smith said that it is "about real people performing real work in the real economy."

Nearly half a million Britons have savings or investments (except real estate) for an amount that exceeds 250 thousand pounds. More than half of respondents said crime and anti-social behavior as reasons for emigration.

More than 60% of respondents believe that more attractive to the UK can make life better infrastructure. About half of the respondents would be less bureaucracy and lower taxes.

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