Its true you need to be able to vote!

Correctly to be able to vote it!

Apparently, the elections held on December 4 2011 in our country, the more outrageous given the status. In this case, perhaps, the first time a small number of observations in the course of voting was made by international observers. But observers, shall we say, of domestic, as representatives of various public organizations, well, just caring people just threw the websites of news agencies, online forums, electric "Complaints Book" CEC countless testimonies of the various electoral violations.

Evidence began to appear that in some Russian regions were created, whole sections of "mobile agitators" who were traveling on the eve of a vote by city and regional organizations in order to "convey to the misguided people," the news, with the most likely of all who will vote on December 4. For example, in the Volgograd region "proper agitation" were soldiers of the local garrison, which is among the largest in the Southern military environment. Officers and ratings shamelessly tried to recall that, say, nedavneshnie conduct of the repeated increase in wages — all from the most correct and Russian political force. Not tire recall officers and that they are now dwelling on the expiration of the life most certainly will — the main thing to put a tick in the appropriate location newsletter. But listening to all the reasons people, "prompting" of elections, military personnel without special interest, because the populist moves imperative parties often remain only words that are without a solid practical foundation.

Housing problems are solved in our country for many years, and remain neuvvyazkami for many families of the officers. And I would like to believe the words "prompters", but our people have repeatedly burned on all kinds of calls and promises.
At the same time to this day remains in limbo the question of acquisition of the Russian army contractors. The highest federal bureaucrats argue that our army, the blood from his nose, the need for training military personnel have signed the treaty, and at the same time local military commanders in the same southern military entourage claim that in a new year, the military expects a large-scale optimization (ie, reduced). And with one in our army will begin optimization? For all apportionments and it will be the same contractors who had little to begin their service. A cause for dismissal in Russia can be found abound. The most popular in the last time — Not passed certification and is — doskorogo bye!

In this context, the military, which was conducted "outreach" for a few days before the vote, showed less interest in solid formation to come to the polls and vote for the ones they "strongly recommended."

Well, admittedly for themselves, does not like our man when he down from above or outside trying to impose his subsequent actions. Someone saw attempts to "tell" where the tick, the obvious excesses which at all times distinguished Russian authorities, and someone spotted this criminal act — the pressure on voters. It seems that there may be, but the preliminary results of the elections in the same Volgograd region are as follows: "United Russia" — 36.7%, "Communist Party" — 22.9%, "Fair Russia" — 21%, Zhirinovsky's Liberal Democrats gained a bit more than 13.1%, "Apple" — 3,15%, other parties — 1% or less. It turns out that Volgograders not only did not listen, "prompter", and have done exactly the opposite.

In this time special loyalty to the ruling party was suggested residents of the Chechen Republic. The main patriot country Ramzan Kadyrov took to the "United Russia" under the hood and "straightened" so that she won in his birthplace just a resounding victory. CEC they say that for the most correct party gave the country the inhabitants of Chechnya, 99.5% of the vote with a turnout of 99.51%! This color elected Russian traditions alive. It must be said that the elections in 2007, the Chechens have shown enviable unanimity — 99.31% for the ruling party. In principle, and in almost all other North Caucasus republics, estates march of "United Russia" in the elections held in 2011. Dagestan wrung his United Russia 91.84%, Ingushetia — almost 91% of the Kabardino-Balkaria — 81.32%, Karachay-Cherkessia — about 90%. But, apparently, Ramzan was ahead the entire planet. "Defined" Ossetians — "only" 68% for "United Russia", but they will be fixed …

In the Caucasus region, "prompter" acted properly and did their best to "not a bloody" parliament for the coming 5 years. And someone we read that the North Caucasus — the most disadvantaged regions of the Russian Federation. It turns out that live here very often "know" and the people in charge. Well, then, would undermine nibudt once the other, well, to shoot in local law enforcement, well, forcible will be replaced by the arbitrators, attorneys, clutches, heads of administrations — but less than that … But at the elections — all as one. It turns out that the vast majority of the Caucasus, and sees in its bright future. This is for you nor any "zaparshivevshy" Volgograd with its very indecisive soldiers and other representatives of the budget organizations. And not one of St. Petersburg with Leningrad region, where, as you can see, the locals have taken offense to "eliminate" in the Federation Council Sergei Mironov, giving spravedlivorossam almost 26%. Accurately draw conclusions follow. It's true you need to be able to vote! Ask Kadyrov.

But some people have no time to unpack your own beloved red tie — so — just in case …

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