J-20 may be needed TECHNOLOGIES 117C

J-20 may be needed TECHNOLOGIES 117C
As written media, China is «coming to terms» with Russia for the supply of Su-35 fighters, writes ainonline.com March 7. The reason for this eagerness may be that China is experiencing difficulties with the powerplant of the new fighter J-20, which can not be overcome in recent years.
This J-20 was performed more than 60 operations. Built second flight layout, third, according to experts, is designed for terrestrial and laboratory analyzes. On the second layout with the hull number 2002 were visible «white circles», which are designed for optical measurements from the ground or from another aircraft. Some unofficial Chinese commentators have concluded that these «circles» they say about the beginning of the test aircraft weapons.
But China has so far failed to achieve the desired result in the development of WS-15 turbofans, created for this aircraft. First layout flies on Russian AL-31F, the second on the WS-10G, which is also installed on the Chinese version of the Su-27SK.
By some estimates, the development of programs from J-20 will come in handy more than 6 years, which means that the aircraft will not be able to enter into operation in 2017. Deliveries of 24 Su-35 fighters and an unknown number of engines 117C (the future development of the AL-31F) is expected to begin in 2015. According to analysts, China is striving to master the technology of this engine for use in the program creation of J-20.
China is not «deficit latest radar technology,» and that although airborne radar gun control «Irbis-E», that are equipped with Su-35 comes «one of the best in the world», it is not subject to «the desperate desire of China.»

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