Jewish fascism. The destruction of Jenin. Part 1.

On the 10th anniversary of one of the massacres of Palestinians


The process of collecting data for the publication of "Black Raven circling the Arab arc and the Koran," we focus on a variety of materials related to the massacre of Palestinians in Jenin (29 March — 13 April 2002). Many articles have clearly felt that the Israeli and Western media clearly play down the scale of the events, and even tried to blame the Palestinians themselves, or claimed that there was nothing at all. However, some doctors and independent journalists have tried to establish the truth and conducted their own investigation. In the days of the tenth anniversary of the destruction of Jenin, we considered it important to look at the facts and photographs collected by them. Advance warning: this story absolutely not to be read and viewed those with weak nerves.

"Consider the Jenin and Warsaw. In both cases, the world and the Western democracies stood by and watched the slaughter. Shuddered with horror, but did nothing. However, unlike the situation with the mass murder of Jews, arranged by the Nazis in Warsaw, about Jenin No one today can say he did not know about it. " (April 2002, James Petras (James Petras, Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the University of Bingemtonskogo, New York and a professor at the University of St. Mary's, Halifax, Canada)

"In Israel there is a musical television show" The Tavern. " After April 2002, the Israeli army staged a massacre in Jenin, producer [of the program] wanted to organize a concert to raise the morale of the troops in the hour of trial. And there they built the stage — in the zone of total destruction. If you have been to Jenin or seen movies about it, you know that at the center of the camp [refugee] gaping "hole": everything was destroyed and turned into small fragments, under which people were buried. Right in the midst of debris and ruins set the scene and arranged a concert. Afterwards, I talked with this producer and asked him, "You did not seem to set the stage right in the dead zone — this is the problem? '. He replied, "No, the scene perfectly withstood" — as if my question was about the technical characteristics of the scene, and not a terrible place, [in which it was built]. " February 20, 2005, Ilan Pappe (Ilan Pappe, Professor of History at the University of Exeter, UK) [1]


We intentionally start this material with the words "non-judgmental highly experienced British military expert", designed for the Western reader. In fact, in describing the total destruction of urban neighborhoods and civilians, the authors of the British article pointed refuse to call what happened overkill. Such is the threshold of tolerance among the English, who not so long ago and worked themselves to the genocide they had conquered colonies. The translation made small cuts.

The expert evaluates the "massacre" in Jenin

"Bi-Bi-Si", 29 April 2002


Jenin: Here, according to the Palestinians, there was a bloody massacre

British military expert David Holly (David Holley), explained why he believes that no massacre in Jenin refugee camp was not, and why Israel has reason to challenge the [results] of the UN mission to investigate the facts. Major in the British Territorial Army Holly was in Jenin at the end of this week. [2]

— What you see in Jenin?

"Extensive land [Jenin] size quire a hundred meters was completely razed to the ground. How […] after the earthquake. No buildings, some small fragments. "

— What leads you to the same conclusion that no massacre was not there?

"I believe that in such situations the word" massacre "is used too often, and from it a little confusing. So far we have found 54 bodies here, and maybe 20-30 more will be found, but confirm these figures to the end can not be fully clear the territory. From talking with witnesses simply shows that no mass murder was not. Civilians killed during the battle, apparently caught in the crossfire, and several civilians were executed. "

— And how do you know that they were civilians?

"It can be seen on the bodies. Children, women, old men, cripples in wheelchairs — what is it rebels. "

— What about the evidence of war crimes?

"It is an undeniable fact: the city has been disconnected from the electricity and water supply. It can not be denied, and it is — a crime. Another fact: for nine days in the [local] hospital did not deliver the wounded, [because] the Israelis blocked it. It is a fact, and it is a war crime. You can not hinder the provision of assistance to the wounded. These are at present hard facts and it is necessary to conduct an investigation.

Irrefutable evidence yet — for example, video shooting. But some very credible witnesses spoke of having seen how committed the execution. They saw how the snipers were killing people — obviously the civilians who were trying to get out of the places of combat. This individual cases of murder, and should be investigated. "

— Why does the Israeli government opposes the UN mission to investigate the facts?

"I think here in Israel reasoned position. This group is expected to generate from the UN [civil] UN staff, [but] then report the incident to the Jenin turned out be too one-sided. I believe that it is important that the UN commission certainly had the military and experts in the fight against terrorism. It would be wrong to send a lawyer to Jenin in order to create a military picture of what happened. "


These events seen in the Palestinian camp with former colonizers of Albion …


Transformation of Palestine since 1917. Below shows the ratio of territories belonging. Right — bigger photo map of the area of the West Bank district. Jordan.

Summary of the Palestinian Authority (PNA). Of the total population 4.2 million people. the West Bank, home to 2.2 million in the Gaza Strip — 1.2 million (2002). Children and adolescents under 15 years of age account 39% of the total number of PNA. 42.6% of the population — refugees, mostly from the western areas occupied by Israel. The area of the Palestinian territories — about 6,000 km2. Capital — Ramallah.

On the above map shows the process of encroachment in the Palestinian territories Israeli troops and settlers. Green — the Palestinian territories; orange — Israel, (for more details — here and here).

In 1516 Palestine was part of the Ottoman Empire. In 1918, it took years before the British troops, and in fact has become Palestine British Colony. Then it was under the protectorate of the United Nations, and is now a "special friend" of America as the Palestinian National Authority. Historical documents on this subject, see link, and the origins of the Palestinian problem — in the materials at the UN — here andhere.

In a nutshell, set out at the UN Palestinian history can be reduced to what is on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea two thousand years, the Palestinians have lived. With the collapse of the Ottoman Empire at the beginning of the XX century in the division of the region into spheres of influence involved Britain, France, Russia and Italy. England received from the League of Nations mandate over Palestine and the Arab-guaranteed finding their sovereign independence. However, on the same territory claimed by the Zionists, who had a powerful impact on the course of global policies and decisions (in particular, the decisions of the British government, in this context, is regularly mentioned Lord Rothschild). Back in 1915 Herbert Samuel, the future, the High Commissioner of Palestine in the memorandum, "The Future of Palestine" stood for "British annexation of Palestine … [where] we could accommodate 3 or 4 million European Jews."


The borders of "Palestine", which claimed The Zionist Organization, 1919

With its promise of establishing an independent Palestinian state United Kingdom, for obvious reasons, "not right", and from the 1920s started immigration of European Jews to Palestine. During the period of the British Mandate growing dissatisfaction Palestinian denial of the inalienable right to self-determination and colonization of their lands nepalestintsami. This discontent found expression in outbreaks of violence (Uprising 1929 — and the excitement of 1933's.), Which became a feature of the political life of Palestine, and were called "the Palestinian resistance." [In fact, the Arabs were (and still are) a guerrilla war against the invaders available means.] In this action the Palestinians meet the British brutal punitive actions.

In 1947, the UN began to consider the question of the independence of Palestine, and in 1948, the British mandate was terminated. While the UK government has gradually ceased its activities in Palestine, and the United Nations has been unable to replace it as an effective governing body, the Zionist movement actively start to take control over the territory of the nascent Jewish state. So the case and came to its present state. There is an "alien invaders" with a strong army, the world's media is controlled by Zionists, which cover almost all Israeli crimes against the Palestinians, and with the clear aggressor NO ONE AND NOTHING trying to do.

Note. For a complete historical perspective should also be aware that for a number of years, Jewish organizations and their "international donors" sought by IV Stalin's consent to the establishment of a Jewish state in the Crimea. It did not work. For details, see in Specifically, the content "California in Crimea","As the Crimea was about to become Israel or why the exiled Chechens"And"For that Stalin was evicting people?"(Sections Chechens and IngushThe Crimean Tatars and As "enslaved" Baltic). Of course, all this can be seen and topic Second and Third Khazars, but it is beyond the scope of this material.


As a visual line on the events in Jenin can see hour-long documentary "Jenin, Jenin" (Jenin Jenin) On YouTube. We do not knowingly provide links to articles about Wikipedia in Jenin, as this resource "supervise" and edited in the interests of Israel. Generally, in Israel, this film has caused a shaft supposedly righteous emotions, and on the internet you can still find a lot of comments about that in "all lies," and that "it was not so." But there are photos, videos, witness statements and reports (though not giving the whole picture of events) international groups human rights defenders. As for Israel, as it did not recognize the fact of the massacre of the inhabitants of the camp, and did not recognize.

By the way, with the filing of the very soldiers who destroyed Jenin in 2005, was prepared by a lawsuit against the director of this film, Mohammed Barka. For what? For the "lies and slander against Israeli soldiers," which in the battle of Jenin, according to the Israeli side, 13 people died. In 2010, the Attorney General of Israel Menachem Mazuz attempted to initiate a criminal case, but in 2011, this claim was rejected.

Then — as a reference — about the Jenin. Jenin refugee camp was founded by refugees, Exodus (thrust) from Haifa (areas in the north of Israel) Palestinian lands occupied by Jews in 1948. This camp occupied an area of about one square kilometer and was operated by the UNRWA (UNRWA; Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the works). From March 29 to April 13, 2002 Jenin and its neighboring villages were attacked by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). According to UNRWA, at the time of the siege of Jenin, there were about 14,000 people.

The military operation, called Israelis "Defensive Wall", was one of the bloodiest massacres of the Palestinian people. From helicopters to residents of the camp, surrounded by tanks, missiles and bombs rained down. Then entered Jenin, Israeli bulldozers demolished the house. Almost all the men who were in the camp, the Israeli soldiers were taken to an unknown destination. Estimates of the number killed in this refugee camp vary, but you can talk about the number of 1300. [The troops withdrew from Jenin, April 18, 2002]


After these necessary data inputs go to content freelance journalist Jim Stone (Site Photographs in the articles were taken from their web pages. Other photos in this review are taken from sites covering what is happening in Palestine are referenced.


Israeli tanks in the Palestinian hills

"Israelis and their supporters are not tormented by the thought of immorality, and the idea that they are behind this" get caught "…". (Gilad Atzmon, 'Who are these strangers? ")


Jim Stone, a freelance journalist

Definitely it is appropriate to compare with the disaster at the nuclear bombing. I created this page in order to demonstrate military tactics, the application of Israel in the Palestinian Jenin.

The issue of mass murder out of place here, since Israel has spent six days on the cleaning bodies, but the evidence of atrocities still remained.

Short time I corresponded by e-mail to one of the [Jenin] victims — at the very beginning of the conflict. In addition, contrary to what was reported, [at least] one photographer was able to secretly make pictures of areas of fighting. Some of them are listed here. Continue to view with caution.



Here's a look Jenin, the so-called "refugee camp"


Another view of the districts of Jenin, made from a different angle

In my opinion this is a thoroughly modern city, which he is. Over the past 30 years on the site of the Jenin refugee camp [the Palestinians] have built a city. [Indeed], he has risen from the ashes! "


And Jeanine looked the part of a field that can be seen in the background of the first shot.

I would say that their actions Israel is definitely superior to the consequences of the collapse of the World Trade Center [September 11, 2001 in New York], and more comparable to Hiroshima.


What you'll see on the following pictures, Israel has committed to using only a bulldozer. Whether the Palestinians really are armed and dangerous, like that would happen.






Here is the D-9, […] bulldozer created by "Caterpillar". Recently Israel switched to D-11, which further. The operator running it sits at a height of 3.5 m above the ground. The cabin is air-conditioned, even sleeping compartment. Over all it is paid in dollars of American taxpayers. It is this kind of technique and used for the destruction of Israel [Jenin].

Using this technique, Israel "has brought" a new way of waging war. Please note that in [this bulldozer] Room 82. And standing next to a helpless resident of this house — a man clearly very high, judging by the height of standing next to the car. Note that the road can not withstand the weight of the bulldozer.


And here's what a front D-11. See, the handrails on it? How many people will be able to get up there? Of course, Israeli bulldozers models bulletproof cockpit and there is no railing that when passing through the side wall of the building would be torn off. But what about sleeping compartments I'm not joking.

Here are its specifications:

Model: Caterpillar D11

Capacity knife: 35.5 cubic meters

Weight: 102.5 tons

Power: 850 hp

Price: $ 1.9 million

Fuel consumption: 100 l / h


At Jenin was thrown more than 80 of these machines. Here is how they destroyed so much of the building. They used bulldozers, which are designed to break the rock masses on mining projects, and through the building with the emptiness inside they are like a knife through butter. So I repeat for those who do not believe in it, yes, Israel plunged the building height from 3 to 6 floors. It is regrettable that the technique is associated with progress, Israel uses to destroy. This is a perversion.


For some reason, Israel has blocked mission UN fact-finding?


And this has happened more than once … The letters UN (United Nations) blacked out.


Here was his home


But even when using very large bulldozers, some parts of the buildings are too strong, so they float here this technique. I've seen a lot of things, but it struck me. Oh, these-that "soldiers" are experts in destruction. I once worked in a steel mill, and we had the exact same car. With it chops off the steel, adhering to the 120-ton steel ladles. We called it "nosokovyryalka," but I'm sure that former residents of Jenin called it differently. Note the slopes covered with debris — in the background. This "presentation" not used images of the same area taken at different angles to heighten the experience.


This building was destroyed by bulldozers, and the picture you can see that with him were going to do the Israelis. It is also easy to see why the bulldozers are preferred over other methods of destruction, because they destroy all evidence of what had once been human beings. The shells they are not competitors. Further pictures become more shocking.




Where do you see armed Palestinians?


"Where's Daddy?" Many men were killed, as indicated by the fact that a large number of images is only the women and children without men. Definitely all the men who are not well hidden, was killed.


Here is one of those buildings with red roofs on the first shot of Jenin — as I believe, five-story. For these Palestinians, it was obviously expensive. One is a picture that proves that the Israelis lied, claiming that in their area of residence was not a single building with red roofs.


This woman seems to have lost not only at home.


Soon we will find daddy.


It's amazing how the bulldozers turn all in the trash.


Breaking the pipeline and deprive local residents of water — a matter of minutes.


You see a shirt with a Pokemon? Your child also has this?


No comments


Of course, if [the Palestinians] to give us something to answer to Israel, it would be called terrorism. And all because they have no army — And therefore their "response" can not be technically called a war. And as a result, they become expendable. How can occur such enormous destruction without a single death? Israel claims that no one was killed. Do you think the Palestinians are quietly allowed to make such a pack? Really?

All they see is the same: another shattered dream. And the people of Israel, that you may be and were able to fool the world, but you can not fool God.

Next — a truly awful shots.


Israel is no accident blocked a UN fact-finding. Now I know why. Israel claims that killed about 50 residents [Jenin]. But after being completely destroyed (on this, see below) public records [of the city], it is impossible to know how many of its residents have been killed in reality. By making my research, I came to the conclusion that, apparently, it is a figure of three — five thousand people. They are pretty high quality smoothed out the area, but [still] have left for the UN mission set of incriminating evidence.

World War II did not teach them anything. Jews are photographed on the memory next to the "spoils of war".


These are the evidence of Israel seeks to conceal. Palestinian burnt head with skull crushed

Photos from the resource This mother of three children was doused with gasoline and burned alive. The photographer, who made the shot, there were thousands of such a horrific pictures (10 gigabytes of hard disk space), but his CD "burned out", and the whole story imprinted their crimes was irretrievably lost. I still have a few of his shots.

image077.jpg image079.jpg
And this is someone's dad

There were no casualties among the civilians? This man could not get out of the house to bury their loved ones because he himself would be killed immediately. And the dead bodies of his family members were lying next to him and decaying. War crimes in the Nazi-style?

Here is what was done to these people soon after the events of September 11, which then flooded the media. According to statements by Israel that was done because of the suicide bombings. I have conducted its own investigation of the attacks and found out that they were false. Israelis kill Palestinians, living in an area that they wanted to destroy it, removed their organs [for saleput on them [shahid belts] and then taken to the Israeli-Jewish public places, where the belt and brought into effect. It is noteworthy that [at the time of this writing] of these suicide attacks was killed no Israelis, and was not destroyed any property owned by a Jew. Explore this issue themselves. You will see that this is true.

[Israeli military] is always fast and accurate "learned", who was a suicide bomber (within half an hour after each shot), and two hours later arrived and bulldozers. Such flatly impossible, if only all this was not a setup. DNA analysis takes a few days, and the investigation itself — a few weeks and no one had told the Israelites, where they direct their bulldozers. Whether the attacks authentic, [the Palestinians] have done everything in secret.

On the topic of suicide attacks I talked with a large number of Muslims, and NONE of them did not even know someone who would like to become such a bomber. [And for those who have declared a terrorist] they said: "He was such a quiet and calm person. No one did not even know that he was involved in like that. " I believe that these so-called suicide bombers, and they do not know "what they will be" up to the point where they would be killed and they will derive from the internal organs.



Returning to the massacre in Jenin: "Exposing Zionist project"

Peter Lagerkuist, Special Issue «The Daily Star» on November 22, 2003 (abridged translation)


Israeli army bulldozer operator Moshe Nissim, also known [the nickname] "Kurdish Bear", work in Jenin with an arsenal of booze liking. For the first time his testimony was published in a popular edition of the Israeli daily "Yediot Ahronot» (Yediot Ahronot), and then were placed on the website of the Israeli peace group "Gush Shalom» (Gush Shalom). They describe the version of events that had almost dropped out of public memory and conscience. Its the same [conscience Nissim] left at the entrance to Jenin.

"They were told over a loudspeaker that they were cleaned out of the house, until I came, but I did not give anyone a chance. I did not wait a second before they come out. I am with all the power of rammed home to unleash it as soon as possible. I wanted to get to the other houses to [carry] them as much as possible, "- he says. — "For I did not care about the Palestinians, but I did not just smashed [all] without a cause everything was done on the orders."

Comparing to the ground and continued after the war ended. Dated aerial photos obtained from the Israeli Foreign Ministry, confirmed the story, and a leading military expert and a representative of «Amnesty International», Major David Holley [see First a note at the beginning of this publication] concludes: "And after April 11, there have been events that can not be justified from a military point of view, [because] they did not have any need: the IDF completely razed to the ground the final stage of the battle zone — after having been stopped fighting. So the sneaking suspicion that the complete destruction of the ruins — this is a lynching over those who were there. "

Nissim agrees with that. "Destroy every house — it was a joy, because I knew that they were not averse to die, but he was sorry for their homes. Bringing down a house, you're forever bury 40-50. If I do something and I am sorry about is that [we] can not spread the whole camp. Now they will sit still. Jenin is no longer becomes what it once was. " […]

For those who are just trying to stay alive, a place to shelter almost was not. The ruins of the house 45-year-old Hisham Abu Tabiga (Hisham Abu Tabigh) are on the edge of Ground Zero. [3] [The house was] destroyed by rockets fired from a helicopter, and "something out of the tank." After the troops left, the organization officers arrived to assist the victims, and the foreign engineer admitted ruins unfit [to live]. […]

Saji Salameh (Saji Salameh), director of the Committee for Refugees, the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) slightly apologizes for coverage of events in Djenne leadership [PLO] at an early stage. However, this can not justify the fact that [are they] "overlooked", he argues.

"They say that the information was not enough, because [the camp] was blocked. No one knew that it was [there] was happening. But the massacre of other crimes do not distinguish the numbers and suffering. […] Whatever it was, it was a crime against civilians under international law and it should be investigated. "

Four months after [the events] UN yet released a report assessing the Israeli army. However, it was based on second hand information and the Internet, and not the verdict handed down, nor does it provide a platform for publicizing opposing versions of events with the Israeli and Palestinian sides.

"This report will inevitably lacks a comprehensive investigation. We came to the conclusion that it unsatisfactory because it does not address issues with the depth they deserve, "- said Donatella Rovera (Donatella Rovera) of the organization« Human Rights Watch »(HRW). — "It is necessary to investigate and bring those responsible to justice. To investigate this — the duty of the Israeli government. If the Israeli authorities [the investigation did not produce], the responsibility for this lies with the international community. "






If anyone dare to say that it was "a tragic accident", then here's snapshots of children killed and targeted use of prohibited weapons against peaceful civilians in the Palestinian Gaza and in Lebanon. And thanks to the internet you can find thousands and thousands of similar snapshots, videos and testimonies. Just in tolerant countries (ie countries which are under the control of carriers bezstrukturnym biblical concept — networking Jewish mafia) about this "do not talk." But how long can we remain silent stuck?





The fact that world opinion to guide the Jewish state does not mean anything show 102 (!) UN General Assembly Resolution, condemning the military action of Israel against the Arab states and communities, the deportation of Palestinians attack Iraq's nuclear facilities, etc. But this is far from complete listUNSC resolutions (and only the region for the period 1955-1992.): 106, 111, 127, 162, 171, 228, 237, 248, 250, 251, 252, 256, 259, 262, 265, 267, 270, 271 , 279, 280, 285, 298, 313, 316, 317, 332, 337, 347, 425, 427, 444, 446, 450, 452, 465, 467, 468, 469, 471, 476, 478, 484, 487 , 497, 498, 501, 509, 515, 517, 518, 520, 573, 587, 592, 605, 607, 608, 636, 641, 672, 673, 694, 726 … In all such resolutions, there are two far. Each of these documents — the death and destruction. Think about it: about 330 resolutions for the sixty-odd years!

There also is a long list of veto, applied by the United States during the vote on the occupation of the Palestinian territories. If at least for the time to plunge into the ancient and modern history of the acts committed by Jews, anyone with a normal mentality guaranteed to shock and profound shock because such crimes and atrocities go unpunished.



By the way, how different countries were in favor of proposed by Barack Obama return to the Palestinian-Israeli border in 1967, is seen an exemplary balance of modern colonial powers. The former colonialist countries and areas of their influence is evident.


Countries in favor of the recognition of Palestine within the 1967 borders (highlighted in orange) and do not agree with this (red). That was designated "axis of evil" …

Then — in the completion of this part of the publication — a series of links to articles and posts, photos and videos are abounding web pages, with detailed chronology of all past and present crimes against humanity committed by Israel. On resources This Holocaust and Occupied Palestine contained lot truly scary slideshow, Here — only a small part of the horror and terror that brings Jewish fascism.


Since the beginning of the Israeli occupation was thrown in jail 750,000 Palestinians(Against one of Gilad Shalit).

Photo- the attack on the Gaza Strip in December 2011.


Archival materials on massacres Palestinians by Israelis

More Chronicle Kill From January 1, 2011 and photo archive violence perpetrated by Jews.


Staff effects of air raids on Gaza in October 2011.


Photo and Video: On the fourth day of Israeli military attacks on the Gaza Strip (12 March 2012) killed 7 more.

You can obtain a more comprehensive picture of events — in chronological order — at the bottom of this Web pages.


Talk about the disaster of Al-Nakba, ie genocide of Palestinians in Israel is prohibited. But this terrible tragedy of the Palestinians the subject of numerous archival photos on a page Al Nakba — Catastrophe (See also the references to the address at the bottom). The same as in our days, was done many years ago.

Another chronology of the massacre of Palestinians.



Kills Archive on Palestinian land. Airstrike In February 2012, the.

Armed and aggressive Jewish settlers in the occupied territories.

Israel's violation of the agreements and attacks on Palestinians over the past year.

"Tears of Gaza"- 80-minute documentary.


The movie "Remember the massacre at Sabra and Shatila!"





Some of the pictures taken in Gaza March 12, 2012

The same thing happened In January 2012, the.


Newsline of continued Israeli occupation crimes.

Look at these pictures and try to remember where you were that day or the other in recent years. Photo and video reports show that in these days took place in Palestine.

[The Jews] are destroying all Palestinian. Not only the grave [cemeteries] (see photo). Houses, mosques — literally everything that is Palestinian in origin — completely erased from the face of the earth. More than 530 Palestinian towns [and settlements] was destroyed and turned into what Israelis call "virgin". They are destroying not only the building or nature. American activist Reycher Corrie(Rachel Corrie), Who tried to block the way your body bulldozer destroys a house in Gaza, this Caterpillar bulldozer killed. Let this land will be her down. Amen.

[On a page of the site Occupied Palestine there is a memorial with the names of foreign activists who were killed in Palestine — such as Vittorio Arrigoni or Tom Herndoll]


Stones locals against the bulldozers destroying graves. See alsopicture story that occurs as a destruction of homes elderly helpless Palestinians (end of November 2011)



In the second part of the article in addition to Jim Stone is an American doctor's report on his visit to Jenin and about a total withdrawal and destruction of documents, information and property of Palestinian camps, as well as the reasons for the emergence of Jewish fascism and its close ties with the United States.

English translation, compilation and comments: Donnie Darko and Sister Mercy


[1] — Quoted from the extensive collection of sayings of political, religious and community leaders in Israel, full of fierce hatred and cynicism, as well as the comments of prominent scientists and journalists about the genocide perpetrated by the Jews, a superior brutality of the atrocities of German fascism. 200-page original in English can be read here.

[2] — By the way, the actions of the British military in Palestine did not differ peacefulness. In 1938, when someone from the local people had been killed District Commissioner (British, not to fulfill the promise of data Palestinians), the British decided blow up and burn off most of the Jenin. For this purpose, August 25, 1938 a British convoy drove into Jenin 4,200 kg of explosives. The British were officially allowed to blow up houses in the villages where the terrorists were hiding. Due to such a carte blanche in October 1938, Her Majesty's military a few days destroyed 237 homes. At home, these actions support and encouragement. So up to the Jewish occupation of the Palestinians enough grief.

[3] — Ground Zero — now known as the place in the heart of New York City, where up to 11 September 2001 there were two towers of the World Trade Center. This means the area of total destruction.


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