Jewish fascism. The destruction of Jenin. Part 2

On the 10th anniversary of one of the massacres of Palestinians


This material absolutely not to be read and viewed those with weak nerves.

"The Israelis — unrivaled experts in emotional blackmail. It is therefore Everyone convicted of murders of Palestinian children — Even from friends — immediately interpreted as a manifestation of anti-Semitism. " Shternhell Ziv, an Israeli historian, a renowned expert on fascism, one of the authors of the book "The Birth of Fascist Ideology", April 2, 2004.

Reference. Dr. Abdelkarim Rayad (Riad Abdelkarim), a therapist from Anaheim, pieces. California, founder of "Children need development, education and comfort"KINDER USA (Kids in Need of DevelopmentEducationand Relief, The acronym also means "more good United States of America"). Born, raised and educated in the United States. Writes a monthly column in the publication Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.His memories of visiting Jenin (among many others) included in the book Ramzy Baroud (Ramzy Baroud) «A survey of Jenin (Searching Jenin)", And its online version is available here, with s.198. The head is in an abbreviated translation.



Cover of the book "A survey of Jenin"

"I am still a soldier … went up close, forward, to confirm the elimination … I receive a report on the situation. [Both] shoot and kill her … I certify elimination. Over and out … He said the commander. Anything that moves, moves in this area, even if it's 3-year-old [child] to kill. End of communication "(Captain R. (Captain R), October 5, 2004).

The evidence of Dr. Abdelkarim Rayada:

"Once I was yesterday (Sunday), visited the refugee camp of Jenin, I am ashamed that I am part of the world, allowing for committing such heinous crimes. All photos posted on the Internet, pictures taken from satellites, many thousands of words already written by other authors, and I have seen before scenes of destruction in Khan Yunus, Rafah and Bethlehem, was totally inadequate to properly prepare me for those scenes of devastation and despair, I personally witnessed.

[…] To be honest, I am in such a daze that the onslaught of emotions makes my rambling thoughts. But I feel it is my moral duty to the residents of Jenin: to say something, at least something.

Once I entered the camp and passed a giant mountain of debris — what's left of some buildings — enveloped me horrible, disgusting, frightening smell — the smell of death. All of us have heard of him — tell him about those who survived in the massacre — but I never expected that 10 days after the Israeli withdrawal, he will still be there. And yet he was still there and "welcomed" dozens of foreign delegations and non-governmental, wandering through the camp. No one knows how many bodies [are] buried down there, no doubt is that nothing alive under the rubble there.

[Survivors] campers wandered around as if in a trance, they were clearly not in a position to understand or accept the complete destruction of their homes. It seemed that the whole camp was under the influence of any drugs.

With whomever I spoke, I heard the stories, full of horror. Stories about the executions. On the giant bulldozers D-11, which brings down with one blow [residential] house that were still whole family. The story of a half-blind 85-year-old man, whom I visited in the hospital Jenin. Its riddled with shrapnel from shells fired into his house from a helicopter, "Apache". The story of a guy who shot off his right leg and part of his right hand when his house was also hit projectile. The story of 18-year-old boy who was killed right on the doorstep of his home. We sat with his uncle and cousin, and expressed his condolences. Then — a day later — I learned that the mother of the boy also was shot dead on the doorstep of their home, and she, too, had died. It was a double tragedy.

Stories about how ambulances are not allowed to enter the camp and evacuate the wounded and the dead. Stories about how the soldiers were stripped naked women just for the search before allowing them to escape from [surrounded] camp. The stories of how during a search of the school as a human shield police used a young guy. They opened every door and pushed into him there to check if there was a booby-traps. The story of an old man who lived in this camp 50 years who say not, "What do I do now? Where do I go? '. […] Numerous stories about the charred bodies of the victims retrieved from the rubble of a few days after their death. A story about the curfew and snipers. The story of the mosque loudspeaker that Israeli soldiers used for inquiring into it needs.

House by house — everywhere considerable damage, but not complete. There is a lack of one or two or three walls. In the U.S., these homes would have declared unsafe and would be sealed. Here — no. A pair of metal pins to support the design — and the kids are already playing there, where once there was a balcony. What kind of security …

As far as the eye can see — an area of several football fields — any or all of the surviving pristine home. The most appropriate comparison is with the [consequences] of the earthquake. But there is a difference: there is no search for [survivors], no rescue teams, no sniffer dogs, no really coordinated international assistance in removing debris.

The clinic UN Jenin — evidence of intentional destruction and looting. Bullet holes in the scales for weighing babies. The area of the registry threw a grenade: the walls and ceiling dotted with traces of shrapnel. Stolen motor of the dental chair. Destroyed autoclave to sterilize instruments. Bullet marks on the door with the inscription "For pregnant."


The motto on the shirt, "one shot — kill the two" and its embodiment

Where is the UN Commission of Inquiry? And what's left to investigate when she gets the same to the Jenin? I wandered through the camp, and — I do not know why — in my head every now and then someone's repeated phrase, "I believe that Ariel Sharon — A man of peace. "

Came across a blonde-American woman of about fifty, who had worked as a volunteer at a local NGO. She spoke to me in Arabic. When I mentioned that I was from the United States, she said: "So you're from the 'snake head'!". She added that used to live in Berkeley.


Aerial photographs Jenin before and during the operation "Defensive Shield." At frame visible brownish "rectangles" bulldozers and a cloud of dust.

Leaving «Ground Zero» Jenin, I had to torment the mixture of sadness, grief, anger and shame. And a sense of guilt. After all, at the expense of my taxes were paid by patrons in helicopters "Apache", and these monstrous bulldozer Caterpillar. I also am responsible for it. Wandering there with his video camera and a camera, I felt like a member of some grotesque ritual of death.

Last night I spent in the vicinity of Jenin. It turned out to sleep for a couple of hours and no longer able to. Head hurts. In the nose, this is still a terrible smell. In my thoughts continue to spin the images seen and heard. My heart hurts for the residents of Jenin and what we used to call humanity.

That's all.





Rund Al Shalabi, a student of elementary school tells about what happened in Jenin

The chapters in this book provided testimony nurses Rafidia, whose own sister was killed by the impact of fire, and she survived but was permanently disabled,ambulance driver Palestinian Red Crescent [1] and fifth-grader from Jenin, whose father died defending the city are on the page

Israel's actions are aimed at the destruction of key evidence (With abbreviations)

Jim Stone, May 3, 2002

Please, copy and disseminate this information to all your destinations. World MUST discover the truth about Palestine!

About insufficiently covered the actions of Israel, produced at a number of levels.

  1. Seizure of documents. During the raids [Palestinian] fighters and the property was not a top priority. The focus of these "military exercises" was given to withdrawal of public archives (excluding motor vehicles, inventories of education certificates, medical records, municipal reporting schemes and municipal electric systems, registration of commercial enterprises). Destroyed and all the other [components] production and technical base of public records and data. [That is all that provides information support modern society. We used the following "methods": the destruction of computer data bases (dismantling and destruction of the internal components of the computer, the removal of hard disks, magnetic tapes, compact disks, backup systems, archiving, print-outs (complete removal and burning), the destruction of printers, copiers, office equipment, phones. Any found social and personal computer equipment was destroyed.]
  2. The elimination of the security forces and the destruction of property, court buildings. No organized society can not exist without the means of coercion to comply with the civil law. [That is, Israel has created in Palestine state lack of law and order].
  3. The destruction of communication facilities. In Palestine there are no more funds for the electronic communications (radio and television), they now dependent from external sources. Thus destroyed every sovereignty.

Jim Stone

Controlled destruction by the Israeli army of Palestinian television station in Ramallah


The destruction of the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation (PPH)


Destroyed by the Islamic University in Gaza

Urban cultural infrastructure in ruins

[That this was the true purpose of Israeli stocks like Jenin: to distract attention and conceal the true brutality of the problem: the complete erasure of identity and self-Palestine. Without databases and archives, without judicial authority and no means of communication and to build the foundation of the state. Without radio and television with their audio and video archives there is no single national information field. Not even documentary footage of the atrocities in the same Jenin. The local population is melted in a dull and submissive flock without a clan or tribe, ready dutifully stick to those who kill themselves and their children. On the recent regular "information" Israeli raids read here.]

Photos of the destruction of Israel information

The destroyed office

Stolen Documents

In these computers removed the main components — storage media — after which monitors put in place

In the Palestinian live now — silence

Of the housing removed the hard drive and graphics card.

The computer serves as a powerful server — completely gutted

What is the strategic importance of this mayhem, except for the missing and destroyed equipment?

Upgrade canceled

Corridor near registry


And so in every office …

A detailed report with a history of plunder and destruction of the material found in Jim Stone, located on this link. The volume contains the text of the Record the transfer of financial losses and irrecoverable losses from vandalism and damage suffered as a result of Israeli military raids institutions Ramallah and other towns and villages (including foreign entities)



I. National government agencies (PNA)

1. The Ministry of Civil Affairs and the population

2. Ministry of Education

3. Palestinian Legislative Council (in Al-Bireh and Ramallah)

4. The central office of the Ministry of Finance

5. The Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS)


1. The Municipality of Ramallah

2. The municipality of Al-Bireh

3. Municipal Library of Al-Bireh

4. Ramallah Chamber of Commerce (new building)

III. Non-governmental organizations (Ramallah)

1. Department of Information Policy (Organization for the Development of Health)

2. Association committees of care in Ramallah, Palestine

3. Mandela Institute in Ramallah (for political prisoners)

4. Group MATTIN (human rights issues)

5. The human rights organization Al-Haq (Al-Haq)

6. YMCA Ramallah (East Jerusalem branch)

7. Private radio and television stations



1. City hall

II. VILLAGE ANABTA (District of Tulkarm)

1. The municipality Anabty

2. Women's charity Anabty

III. Tulkarem

1. Palestinian trade union women, city of Tulkarm

2. Rauad Abna Al-Ghada


Palestine is forbidden to have [regular] military structures to prevent what Israel is doing. [2] If the property and facilities of the Authority is not subject to regular destruction, the Palestinians would not be poor. This ancient people has the gift of building beautiful homes. In Jenin, leveled 140 homes. The area of destruction there was about 70% of the destruction of Hiroshima. And a shame that people like me have to risk their lives in order to convey to others the truth of which the American press refuses to report.


Map of the destroyed Jenin, an organization made up Human Rights Watch (HRW). Green = turned into sand, red = severe damage, but the one-two-three walls in the house survived, black = damaged by fire (broken windows, holes in the walls). Note that this is a big city, built-up buildings in the 3-6 floors. This compares to the scale of the destruction of Hiroshima. (For details, see here. 50 page report HRW, in particular, published here. And it is an official document, not a personal opinion of journalists …)

To you could see the insanity of the Israeli military, compare:


It looked like Baghdad after the invasion of Iraq, the U.S. Army, which is opposed by hundreds of thousands of Iraqi soldiers, after large-scale air raid …

And when Israel went into Jenin to eliminate less than fifty militants, the city began to look like this (the UN official photos)

This can not be justified, and [described] should give an idea of why Palestine is not happy with Israel, and why Europe, Russia and the Arab world, as well as Palestine UN support in this matter. Note: This is evidence, not anti-Semitism. If only it was all propaganda, according to Israel! I dare to predict that if Israel will deal with such another Palestinian city to be World War III.




Additional sources used by Jim Stone:


They're coming years and decades, but Nothing changes.

Th May 2011: UN coordinator for humanitarian emergencies once again requires Israel to stop the forced eviction of Palestinians from their homes in the occupied Palestinian territories Jews.


Demolition of Palestinian homes (2011)

January 2012,: The UN once again calls on Israel stop the destruction of Palestinian homes.

Th February 2012: The Jewish settlers have committed the attack on the gas station on Jenin-Nablus road and drove out its owners. Those present at the same time, Israeli soldiers this action does not interfere. A day earlier, Israeli soldiers abducted by force 15 Palestinians in Nablus and took them to an unknown destination.


Armed Jewish poslenets in the occupied territories


Th March 2012: In the village of Kufr Kaddoum (West Bank. Jordan) Israeli occupation forces hallow on the parties to the peace protest.

Th March 2012: Israeli occupation forces again began fighting in the Gaza Strip and a few days killed 18 people and wounded 53.


Confrontation of despair and another Palestinian victim (2012)


Gaps shells filled white phosphorus, over the Arab city blocks

Harvest of Death: Israeli operation "Cast Lead"

From December 27 2008 to January 18, 2009, the Israeli military carried out bombardment of the Gaza Strip. The scale of losses among local people was unprecedented: 1,390 killed [1414 according to updated data] Palestinians, of whom more than half — were civilians, 318 of them were under 18 years of age. 5,300 people were injured, of whom 350 were five serious injuries and mutilations. Israel also caused enormous damage to residential areas, industrial buildings, infrastructure, agriculture, water and sanitation, health care, which prior to this operation, and so were on the brink of destruction.


Statistics of the Israeli operation, which lasted 20 days, was published in the British "Guardian" of December 17, 2009. It looks like this:

It killed 313 children, of which: 31% girls, 69% boys.

15% of children are younger than 5 years, 23% were between 5-10 years of age and 62% — 11-17 years.

73% were killed by bombs, and 20% of the shelling, 5.4% from gunshot wounds, 1.5% — of thewhite phosphorus.

Among the wounded were 5,300 children in 1606. 36 schools were destroyed and the UN fully or partially destroyed about 25,000 homes.




More than half a century, the Jewish fascists are doing their work, completely ignoring world opinion. However, this very public and easily brought into the project by Israel's disunity and destruction of the surrounding Muslim states. A wayward countries like Japan, [3] "Imprudent" who dared to express their outrage policies of Tel Aviv against the Palestinians and take enrich uranium for Iran, According to some reports, receive clear answer as natural disasters.







The results of the Israeli army shelling

All — in order to seize new lands

"Just keep the status quo? — This does not happen! We need to create a dynamic state, bent on expansion. " (David Ben Gurion (David Ben-Gurion), 1954).

"That would be the entire Gaza swallowed by the sea … [But] because that will not happen, we'll have to think of something to solve this problem." (Yitzhak Rabin (Yitzhak Rabin), September 2, 1992).

From the point of view of "God's chosen people," he must not only belong to all of Palestine, but also territory from the Nile to the Euphrates. Such maps even minted on Israeli coins denominated in 10 agorot (Something like 10 cents). The reasoning on this topic and historical narratives also occurs enough.


In fact, the Jewish settlers, stripping the Palestinian territory illegally and erecting on it more and more neighborhoods and villages, and do not hide anything. Here are two similar cards Greater Israel, published by them (see below). According to the Russian-language blog Rabbi Avrom Shmulevich, "Borders from the Nile to the Euphrates — it's natural limits. Achieve these borders — prescribing the commandment of the Torah. " And refers to the numerous Jewish sources (Ramban list). "And take the land, and dwell therein: for I have given you this land to take possession of it," etc.





Maps Greater Israel for future textbooks of geography?




1948 yearFamilies of Palestinians Flee from the just-formed Israel. In that year on their land came Zionist terrorism.

Referring to passages. Let us try to understand what "God's chosen" wanted (their target vector) and whence they have all these ideas and plans. Once again, we use collection of sayings Israeli leaders and priests, and many other "sacred" sources allow to understand the position of the Jews, the Zionists. Here are some of these "instructions" and statements collected Martini Lahoud. Look carefully …

"We must expel the Arabs and take their place." (David Ben-Gurion, 1937, as quoted in Ben Gurion and the Palestine Arabs, Oxford University Press, 1985.)

"Let's not deny the truth about ourselves. In political terms, we are the aggressors, and they [the Palestinians only] protected. It's their country, because they inhabit it, whereas we want to come and settle here. And we want to take away from them their country right under their nose! ". (David Ben-Gurion speech in 1938, as quoted in the work of Noam Chomsky, "The Fateful Triangle: The United States, Israel and the Palestinians" (Fateful Triangle) Used in the book Simcha Flapana "Zionism and the Palestinians» (Simha Flapan, "Zionism and the Palestinians") Ss. 141-142.)

"Jewish villages were built on the site of the Arab. You do not even know the names of these Arab villages, and I do not blame him for that, because geography books no longer exist. There is not only these books — and not within these Arab villages. " (David Ben-Gurion, as quoted in the book "The Jewish Paradox" Nahum Goldmann (Nahum Goldmann, The Jewish Paradox, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1978, c.99).)


"There will be no peace as long as the entire territory of the state of Israel will not return under Jewish control. It may sound harsh, but this is the logic of history. The war in the Holy Land has been going on for four thousand years, and end in her sight. A stable peace will come only when Israel returns to its historical borders, thereby gaining control of the Suez Canal and the Strait of Hormuz. Then our country finally finds its geostrategic integrity. We must not forget that the oil fields of Iraq are on Jewish land. To many it may seem now a utopia, but a hundred years ago, it looked even more utopian rebirth of the Jewish state. " (Rabbi Avrom Shmulevich, a member of the movement "Bid Artseynu" ("For the motherland").)


"Israel had to use the suppression of the demonstrations in China, when world attention was focused on that country, to carry out mass forced eviction of the Arabs from their territories." (Benjamin Netanyahu, at the time deputy. Foreign Minister and former Prime Minister of Israel, from a speech to students at the University of Bar Ilan; cited by Israeli magazine «Hotam» on November 24, 1989.)

"Our duty of Israeli leaders — to explain to public opinion — without fear and clearly — a number of forgotten facts. First, there is no Zionism, colonization and the Jewish State without the expulsion of the Arabs and the expropriation of their lands. " (Ariel Sharon, The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel, of the opening speech at the meeting of militant right-wing extremist party Tzomet (Tsomet Party); cited by the agency France Presse, November 15, 1998)


"Everyone should go or run and grab as many vertices (Palestinian) hills to extend the (Jewish) settlements because everything we now seize remain ours. And everything we do not grab, will get them. " (Ariel Sharon, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel, of the opening speech at the meeting of militant right-wing extremist party Tzomet, as quoted by the agency France Presse, November 15, 1998)

"Israel may have the right to give others on trial, but no one has any right to judge the Jewish people and the State of Israel. " (Ariel Sharon, Israeli Foreign Minister, March 25, 2001, as quoted in BBC News Online.)


We add to this a few more quotes — from the bottomless wells of the Zionist wisdom.

"These Palestinians will press like locusts … smash their heads against the rocks and walls." (Yitzhak Shamir, Prime Minister of Israel, from a speech to Jewish settlers, as quoted in «New York Times», April 1, 1988).

"My heart exults. There were 200 Arab villages, and most of them do not exist. It was necessary to destroy them, but otherwise, in the neighborhood, as in Galilee, would appear the next million Arabs. After 2000 years of exile can not erect state if ceremony. " (Yitzhak Pundak (Yitzhak Pundak), April 23, 2004).

"The notion that, in June 1967, hovering over us the danger of genocide and that Israel was fighting for its physical existence — just a horror story, who was born and took shape after the [Six Day] war. " (Israeli General Matityahu Peled (Matityahu Peled), The newspaper Haaretz, March 19, 1972).

But under the guise of fictitious and inflated by the same Zionists "horror stories" Israel has made obtaining military aid from the United States billions of dollars a year and is perhaps the most powerful army in the region, but also has hundreds of nuclear weapons (some of which — neutron bomb). And the indigenous poor, "partizanyaschemu" people resist piles of metal instruments of death …

In order to get a more complete factual representation of the Israeli nuclear program, the process of permanent expulsion of the Arabs and their genocide, it is recommended to re-read at the already quoted in the previous section source. It blocks a lot of valuable information. For example, many people know that one of the conditions, promises, the catechumens were the founders of the state of Israel the following items: "full social and political equality of all its citizens, without distinction of religion, race or gender"And the adoption of Constitution. According to its Declaration of Independence, Israel was to take the basic law of the country's elected Constituent Assembly not later than 1 October 1948. Meanwhile, the "formal" Israel has no constitution still (63 years (!), It is "in the making"), and on this promise of universal equality is easy to forget — there would be an excuse … I remember, and made promises to the Indians, and the Bushmen, and the Russian …

English translation, compilation and comments: Donnie Darko and Sister Mercy


[1] — The head of the organization's emergency room, 58-year-old Dr. Khalil Suleiman (Dr. Khalil Sulieman) was killed in Jenin from the tank.

[2] — which existed at the time of the Palestinian militant groups: Hezbollah (2200 men), Hamas (tens of thousands), Islamic Jihad (hundreds) and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (about a thousand people) with a police corps to 40,000 people can not be be a serious counterweight well-armed and trained army. Do that for the period 2000 to 2800 there were armed with tanks and 700 combat aircraft, and the officers and men of constant composition — 250000. Standby power is the personnel of the residents — about one and a half million men and women (MK, 13.10.2000; Features). [And compare with the potential of our country …]

[3] — Read it here the "Palestinian" demarche Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs of March 11, 2010 th, The willingness to help Iran with uranium reported 15 days earlier.

Jewish fascism. The destruction of Jenin. Part 1.


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