Jewish pogroms in Tel Aviv

Since November last year, Israel rocked by mass rallies, demonstrations and processions. Free citizens of a free country happily applauded the "Israeli Spring".

In Tel Aviv are endless thousandths of a protest against the domination of illegal immigrants from Africa. "The total number of infiltrantov Africa has already exceeded 40,000."

The demonstrators demand — "Stop feeding the Sudan," "South of Tel Aviv turned into a refugee camp," "illegals, get out of our house," "Israel to the Jews!" Demonstrators took a petition with a single question to the head of the Israeli government — to decide finally where he lives — in Israel or in the Sudan.

— representative of the creative class exposes a person of color is still verbal abuse
— young man narrowly escaped the massacre of angry citizens.
The vast number of people in the country is confident that the African refugees and illegal immigrants are involved in many criminal cases involving thefts, robberies, rapes and attacks on people. The respectable man in the street is sure that the police not only failed to protect the Jews, but also condones rapists, providing illegals free feeding and residence in exchange for bribes.
— outraged everyman politsayskomu demands an end to the lawlessness and corruption encourages the burning of houses in which they live Africans.
— policeman in an attempt to calm the righteous wrath of the law-abiding citizen explains to him about the new user-court extension of the detention of juvenile offenders.

Demonstrations and riots are covered Bnei Brak and Pardes Katz, Sderot and Ashkelon, Ashdod and Eilat. In an attempt to bring down a wave of popular anger Interior Minister Eli Yishai said about the preparation of the law by which all illegal immigrants of African descent will be sent to prison. In the Knesset, proposed an increase in funding and the need in the shortest time to complete the construction on the border with Egypt of obstacles to put an end to attempts to penetrate into Israel. Interior Minister called on an expedited basis to build new prisons and camps for illegal immigrants to their deportation to their homeland.

— black teens arrested for going out for a walk before going to bed
— gaining a wave of righteous gnevaMinistr Homeland Security
Yitzhak Aaronovitch ("Israel Our Home"), sharply criticized Yishai, accusing him of inaction and connivance of the suspect robbed and raped. In particular, Aaronovitch said unit to deal with illegal immigrants "Oz" for two months does not enter the fault of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to which Eli Yishai (Shas) rightly said that if the government had previously supported it and provided the necessary means, he "drove from Israel to all illegal aliens in the shortest possible time. "
— victims of pogroms trying to get back into the world of normal human relationships
— but will it be the last test?

— weary moral terror and massacres immigrant children beg for mercy. Photo:

— among the protesting youth was seen Sobchak …


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