Kaluga region. Ugorevshie yuhnovtsy to see aliens



Kaluga region. Ugorevshie yuhnovtsy to see aliens
17.11.03, the


It's an amazing thing happened Saturday night with a married couple, from Yukhnov. Here is how this event is the weekly "Life of Kaluga."
On Saturday evening, the mother and daughter preparing dinner for the entire family, the father was watching TV, and sixteen-year-son was walking with friends on the street. According to the "box" was an interesting program, and the ladies dropped their kitchen business, joined her viewing. After hours of fascinating viewing paoltora head of the family happened to look out the window and was stunned: on the roof of the house next door hung a UFO. It was quite an ordinary-looking "plate", which is released from the womb of his multi-colored lights, and one of the beams, as if the ladder like even down humanoids. Probably being heard about the kidnapping and the people they personally beheld probable "thieves", the father decided to warn his son about the dangers of calling him to the "mobile phone". Son, of course, did not believe a word of his father and decided to personally verify the arrival of uninvited guests.
Going to that place where the alleged UFO hovered boy still did not find, but calling home and heard from his father that the guests are still there, became suspicious. Back in the stairwell, he could smell gas, and entered the apartment, he realized that his mother and sister have not seen for a boiling kettle, standing at the plate. The water from the kettle has filled a gas burner, and the gas escaped to the "will." Breathed the gas, the whole family ", the words glitches", and if not resourceful boy could really go for humanoids.


























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