Landslides and floods in Brazil

Landslides and floods in Brazil Natural Disasters

The destruction of a dam in the Brazilian city of January 5, 2012 Campus was evacuated about 4,000 people. January 4th level of the river Paraíba do Sul reached 10.9 meters, while usually at this time of year it is 7-8 meters.

In response to the floods in six municipalities of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Muriae, Itaperuna, Cardoso Moreira, Italva, Mirakema, St. Anthony of Padua) was a state of emergency. More than 35,000 people across the state have fled their homes as the water level continues to rise. St. Anthony of Padua in more than 12 thousand people were left without homes or temporarily relocated, and nearly 100 homes destroyed by landslides.

Since October, when the rainy season began in Brazil in the 52 cities of emergency was declared. According to the Minister of Civil Defence in the coming days will be the most vulnerable to the northern and north-western regions, as well as the city of Rio de Janeiro. Therefore, in the state declared an alarm in case of prolonged rains.

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