Landslides in Papua — New Guinea

Landslides in Papua — New Guinea Natural Disasters

In the central mountainous part of Papua — New Guinea landslide occurred. Reported 40 dead and 20 missing local villages, located near the town of Mendi. According to the energy minister, in two villages in disaster occurred at night, so that people do not have time to wake up and escape. The dead included many children.

In a landslide formed a trench length of 1.5 kilometers, which cut off all possible transport links to the affected region and difficult evacuation. Within a radius of a kilometer in the forest found the huge influx of mud and debris of buildings. As the cause of the landslide is called long rains. It was also argued that the disaster could cause explosions in the nearby quarry company ExxonMobil, is planning to produce liquefied natural gas.

At the moment the helicopter sent to victims with special services, who will try to render all possible assistance to the victims, dog handlers with dogs continue to search for missing persons and dead bodies.

Prime Minister of Papua — New Guinea Peter O'Neill visited the scene to assess the damage caused by a landslide, and quality of rescue measures.

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