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Laser scanning has helped discover an ancient carving on the pillars of Stonehenge, completely invisible to the naked eye. The experiment was scanned only part of three of the 83 boulders forming the famous prehistoric monument in Wiltshire. Archaeologists from companies Wessex Archaeology and Archaeoptics hope that the full study will provide strong evidence that the Stonehenge monument was already dead at the time when the thread was made.

These reliefs depth of no more than two millimeters represent the tip of bronze axes. They were seen for the first time, although a few visual examples of carved stones of Stonehenge were found in the past (the first — in 1953). The scan results showed that the thread is destroyed pretty quickly.

Stonehenge was built in 2300 BC, and the thread is later, around 1800 BC, when in use includes tips for bronze axes. Similar images tips axes and daggers and cups found at burial sites across the UK, but because the researchers assumed to have the value of Souls. The same may be true of Stonehenge as a monument surrounded by hundreds of graves Other theories purpose of Stonehenge focus on the fact that it faces the sunrise at the summer solstice — affirms that it was an ancient calendar. However, these theories are not necessarily mutually exclusive — the position of the sun could play a symbolic role in the funeral monument, Stonehenge or the value has changed over time.

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