Last Great Hunt of the capitalist era

Last Great Hunt of the capitalist era

Andrew FURSOV: "Funnel Stories that" Master "Lord of the Rings Global is able to absorb just about everything and for all"

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the past 2011 was marked by the so-called "Arab Spring", a hurricane swept across North Africa and the Middle East. Part of the very persistent political regimes in those regions have fallen under many glowing earth now. Chronicle of a sudden, like, such a revolution. January 14 as a result of mass popular unrest was ousted Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, who ruled the state for more than 20 years. On February 11, Egypt has resigned Hosni Mubarak, who led the government 30 years. Refusal to do the same almost cost the life of Yemeni President Saleh, who received languishing injured in July at the presidential palace rocket attack the opposition. Even more sad fate realized on October 20 Muammar Gaddafi, who led Libya for 40 years. As for the intense armed confrontation in Syria, its finale is still not clear.

Only limited to the case of the "Arab Spring"? Occurring after the change of power in the region of tremendous structural Islamization leads many professionals to draw conclusions that in the future we can expect a turbulent and bloody "Arab Autumn". Then the whole world will feel to discover what democracy in the Middle East.

Assist in understanding the causes of unexpected shocks in the Arab World "Free Press" asked the director of the Center for Russian research Metropolitan Institute for the Humanities, Academician International Academy of Sciences (International Academy, Innsbruck, Austria) Andrew Fursova, whose forecasts for the Middle East and North Africa have already received their proof in the future.

— Revolution — a combination of 2-relevant criteria. First, the need to be social, economic and political conditions. Despite the significance of the socio-economic component, it is necessary, but the missing condition of the revolution. It is not possible without the organization of cash collateral and the manipulation of information flows. System conditions for revolution is in almost all countries, and for a long time, but for some reason they are not far away at all times and not everywhere.

For example, the revolution in Russia in 1905-1907. Was it natural? Certainly, the most urgent social and economic contradictions grew over the decades. The ruling stratum degraded, power and oligarhizirovalas slabla. At the same time, if the West (as a country, as well as personal capital — the French, the British, etc.) and Japan have not organized financial support for liberal and leftist parties, if not acted western agents in the literal sense (like Parvus ) and agents of influence, in the best case, we would have a series of peasant and urban riots. Orgusiliya and financial support from abroad have made a revolution of the likely patterns in need.

In the revolutionary upheavals of XIX-XXI centuries. a huge role, and on the rise, has the financial, organizational and information support of the anti-systemic forces from abroad. The whole history of the capitalist era — a history of the gradual erasure of thinning the boundaries between "external" and "internal" world (since 1980 — Global) and the public. The world market with its trade chains, money capital not know political boundaries, moreover, strive to overcome them and eliminate, including through support for the revolutionary forces in the target countries. The revolutionary movement of the last third of the XIX century. is international, global character. The revolutionary (anti-system) of the "elite" — part of a complex international. These activities are related and international capital, and security services, etc.

Thus, the actions in Tunisia began with the unrest in the Tunisian port. Who is in control of the port? The family Bonanno — one of the five crime families of New York, which provides drug trafficking in different regions of the world, including some of the Mediterranean. In general it must be said that drug trafficking and behind him clans from different Mediterranean countries had their own enthusiasm for the events of the "Arab Spring", and this is obviously not a state, as a minimum, macro-regional level.

And here's another nuance supranational organizational support of the "Arab spring". Actions in Tunisia and Egypt have evolved in the form of a flash mob, and with the active implementation smartmoba web, blogosphere. And this is absolutely not the state level, and the global far from the center of the Arab world.

There is one at the Harvard Institute center, Berkman called. Created in 1997, staff of the Center are exploring social networks, the blogosphere. In recent years, the Centre worked with 2 projects with a fully pseudo-scientific names: "Civil law in the field of information" and "Internet and democracy." The main direction of research and practical action last project was the Middle East — Arab countries and Iran.

Participants of the project studied the effects of the Web in general, and especially the blogosphere on society. By the way, the woes of the coup, timed to coincide with the elections in Iran, the Berkman Center explains, "the insufficient development of the blogosphere." Flawed "quiet Americans". In Iran — not finished, but in the Arab world — in Tunisia and Egypt — they did better by mobilizing bloggers who are guided by "the Muslim Brotherhood." Berkmanovtsy right they say that bloggers and digital society should be the collective leadership of the flash-mobs and smartmobov. It remains to add that the counterparty berkmanovtsev on their "study" Russian blogosphere — Higher School of Economics.

Obviously, Berkman Center — not the only one who worked "by the Arabs." Were involved, and other structures, which were at the same goal, to be exact target — those regimes, the tops of which was necessary to clean up as objectionable. Pleasing, of course, were not touched. For example, Bahrain. There were mass demonstrations against the current government demonstrators poured blood. But the "world community" does not seem to notice it. But in full cry about Syria in the same indignant tone as before shouting about Libya, where there is rule of Gaddafi. There's an excellent question latin «qui prodest?» — «Who profitable? '. And the example of Bahrain perfectly points out that even the presence of systemic contradictions far does not always lead to revolution and change of power, if it is not in the interests of the imperative of global financial and economic elites. Why such intrigued yet? In Bahrain based 5th Fleet of the U.S. Navy. Because it is clear from what the ears and stick out.

"SP": — Then what "leaked" Mubarak, for decades to properly orient to Washington?

— Yes, at the moment all they say, "How could it be the work of the Yankees, because Mubarak was such a pro-American? '. This is a manifestation or naivete or duplicity. In-1's, as you know, in politics there is no endless friends and endless enemies. There is interest and usefulness. Yesterday Mubarak was useful and necessary, but not now. In-2, Mubarak has been tied to the Republican Party, and the "cut down" by his Democratic president, with Obama. The plan being implemented by Obama, have begun to develop a couple of years back. The essence of the plan — the elimination of secular reg
imes, Islamists advance or, at least, the creation of something similar to the Turkish model is not only dominated by the military and the Islamists.

"SP": — What the U.S. needs in the region Islamists?

— At first — the question: why were they generally need the U.S.? At first glance the answer lies on the surface — to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. And almost all of it is really true. The case, but that the game with the Islamists South American (and generally Western) intelligence services began for a long time before the Afghan war. Contact with the "Muslim Brotherhood" The CIA has established already in the middle of the 1950s, MI6 also on alert. Islamists held "in reserve" to deal with neutral or pro-Soviet regimes, as with the pro-Western regimes, which showed excess, from the standpoint of the owners of World Games, independence. And one more thing. In the Islamic world, especially among traditionalist and fundamentalist organizations from the late 1940s, quite intensively operated emissaries of the "Black International" ("Fourth Reich") — SS men who had gone not to Latin America, and the Middle East. This activity has become a prerequisite for further attention of Western and Israeli intelligence later the Islamists.

After entering the Russian invasion of Afghanistan Islamists began striking force the U.S. and Saudi Arabia to fight the Soviet Union. After the war, many of them sent a weapon against the United States itself. Many, but not all too far away, and moreover, many of those who, like bin Laden and others, verbally opposed the United States, in fact played a game of American intelligence agencies and with South American intelligence agencies. This was written many works, namely A. del Wahl, R. Labeverom and others.

By the way, Labever calls Islamists' watchdogs of globalization on the American. " And this is not the case: the Islamists, on the one hand, and the American transnational corporations (TNCs) and monetary institutions, on the other — one enemy. This national government. In the fight against it, they — the Allies. Being once fostered solutions for some problems, Islamists are now used for other solutions: An old keys open new locks. To make the Arab world a more comfortable and accommodating for the economic exploitation and political manipulation, it is necessary to split it into ethno-religious pieces, to kill the country's national, transforming the Greater Middle East geopolitical mosaic. The best candidate in the Muslim world to fight with the state government, to undermine it, to create a situation of controlled chaos than the Islamists is not there. A controlled chaos — exactly what you need the elite of the North Atlantic in the Middle East.

"SP": — Why?

— America overextended and must leave the Near and Middle East (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq). But to go so that it did not use the rivals, so very complicate their lives. Means leaving, must be thrown behind the chaos, but such that you can control. More precisely, such that only the Americans would be able to manage with the limited contingent of special services, private military companies and local allies, whom they brought to power. These local allies of the Islamists, who, if necessary, can be combined with the military (the "Turkish model") or some other forces, so that, for example, several prigasit radicalism.

In the Middle East there were two countries in which the Islamists or were pinned down, or have not been out of place warlike. It Libya and Syria. Specifically around them and go romp: Libya was killed, creating a situation where the controlled chaos, Syria besieged from all sides and are preparing to crush. If this happens, then the arc impermanence rush towards Iran and Central Eurasia, including Kashmir and Xinjiang Uygur region of China.

What we litsezreem in the Middle East right now — this is just the beginning of a great geopolitical game with the introduction of the Islamic factor and the creation of large areas of managed chaos. I think that this region is not limited. I do not exclude that in addition ablaze south of Europe, ie north of the Mediterranean.

In that game, which the Americans and the West in general were in the Middle East in the 1950s and 80s, the main function allied to Israel made them. Its fully enough to meet the challenges of a point of containment. Now we are not talking about points, but a macro-region as a whole, and not on the constraints and of the expansion. Such a task is beyond Israel. It can only perform an Arab and a Muslim by their nature force. Now it is the Islamists. In other words, the change of tasks and their scale leads to a change of tool-ally.

"SP": — Do you think the U.S. goal — to unleash a huge war?

— No, the goal of the United States as a cluster of TNK make New Medium East, in the organized chaos that controlled both the muddy water can be "catching a fish."

In order to realize these tasks, it is necessary to kill Syria as a secular national government, which also holds relatively independent policy. Syria — that "pebble" that blocked rotation of the wheel. Because Syria is unprecedented and pressure, and for a variety of lines, even religious, Christian. Thierry Meyssan, for example, said that during the meeting with the Patriarch of Antioch Sarkozy tried to assure him that the Syrian Christians (which is about a million people) do not have to support Assad. In another, he says, Islamists come to power, they just cut out.

For the attack on Syria is created by the standard Libyan army, which included disguised in the form of so-called "Liberation Army of Syria" Turks, Arabs and Kurds. But the military-technical and information support will ensure the baton NATO multinational companies. In general, it seems, in the case of Syria, the North Atlantic summit, NATO members, ran into a tough nut to that of a stone, which hard to knock him down.

"SP": — Why do generally blame Syria?

— In-1's, as I have already said, Syria — one of the few secular regimes in the Middle East, in which the Islamists themselves by themselves strongly to few chances to come to power. In-2-x, Syria — an ally of Iran, Assad is not longs to be an American "six". In the configuration that Americans are building in the Middle East, and with which the North Atlantic elite want to survive the global crisis and maintain its position, privilege and power in the post-crisis world, regimes such as Syria has no place.

"SP": — What is the climb in France and Turkey?

— Erdogan, as I understand, the politician is not fully independent. Some of the Turkish establishment has a desire to strengthen its position in the region. The collapse of Syria, in the short term, indeed strengthen the position of Turkey as a regional power. But — in the short. Since the elimination or weakening of Syria would mean the strengthening of South American dictatorship in this area in general and in relation to Turkey, viz.

For France and Italy, in this situation, it is not so much about the states how much of the ruling tops that have a supranational character — clubs, lodges, commissions, medal and neordenskie structure. Their clan and geopolitical interests are significantly different from the interests of the state — the same European. The North Atlantic elite, in which the whole is dominated by the Americans, is interested in the development problems of the opponent — Western Europe. And the European sector of the North Atlantic elite (quite remember the nickname obligated own career Yankees Sarkozy — Sarco l'Americain) plays in this game.

Let us remember the war in Yugoslavia. After all, the creation of Kosovo — Muslim narkokriminalnogo "state" — planting a bomb under Europe. Yet it is understood the favorites of Western European states saluted as Western elite
s — a part of the North Atlantic supranational complex with the Anglo-Saxon core.

"SP": — connected to what is happening with the global financial crisis?

— Of course. But it is not just the global financial crisis and the global crisis of the system, part of which is a monetary crisis. For global summit resolved its problems, it is necessary to remove the obstacles along the way — to remove the nationality of the country. TNK come, and with her personal military campaign. Prozhimat begin their interests. Because of the destruction of the state, destruction of their sovereignty and the establishment of zones of controlled chaos — this is one of the main goals of the North Atlantic elites in the criteria of the crisis. On this they practically give away freely. With all of this mental world top underlings trying to convince people that the government is out of date, has outlived its usefulness, it interferes with market efficiency, market rationality, free clot products and capital.

What is happening now in the Middle East, this is only the beginning of the Great Game in the region, which should solve many prepyadstviya TNCs. Problems of the crisis, but it will not solve, as it is systemic in nature, and no personal means there is not posodeystvuyut. But it may delay it and to soften for TNCs and the elite of the North Atlantic. The crisis forces them to create a new geopolitical configuration to address the economic and other problems.

"SP": — So, what are you with the voice, very much like an illustration for the book "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" by John Perkins.

— Of course. At the time, I even wrote a review on it. The man simply clearly outlines how to kill the whole economy for their own profit.

"SP": — What is happening in Libya?

— For the disk imaging, which I have, in the towns controlled by the power of the latest, about the massacre. The West is not about protesting, not screaming about the sins against humanity — cut to be his enemies. The same double standards, as is the case with the Serbs and Albanians. In Libya, the resistance begins tribes west of the eastern part of Libya's tribes. Country in a breeding plan was usually divided into secured East, where there is oil, and the poor West, where there is no oil. It is clear that in Libya for a long time, it creates a situation of controlled chaos. Another way this was done in Sudan, which is currently divided into North and South. But there is quite a trivial situation — it was a hit Yankees on China, as he got there very seriously. Dividing Sudan into two parts, the United States conducted an anti-Chinese campaign. In general, China is so firmly taken root in many African countries (for example, in Nigeria, Angola), which is to kick him out of there without a lot of blood is problematic. Well, with a lot of blood, too.

"SP": — Prokadaffiyskie forces will not be able to return to yourself power for a couple of years?

— This option is unlikely. Not for that felled Gaddafi to allow prokaddafiyskim forces to return to power. This option is only likely if the Yankees will develop a whole breath-taking situation in the Middle East, and they will not until Libya. But as in Libya, the government destroyed as such, there is now possible to fight the tribes prokaddafiyskimi antikaddafiyskih by adding them to the Western military advisers and soldiers and officers private military companies. And here you are — for decades provided the conflict. The most important thing — to protect oil rigs. And the rest, by the logic of the invaders of Libya, even though there are all cut each other out.

"SP": — Now Egypt. What will happen to him?

— In current criteria of the military in this country almost retain power. The only force that is capable of out there at the moment to do this — the Islamists. Another thing is that they can be constructive or not. In any case, in Egypt and throughout the Arab world, the era of overtly secular regimes goes into the past. We are faced with a fascinating phenomenon: the first of the 21st century, we seem to be back in the Middle Ages, in some futuroarhaichesky world on the ruins of modernity.

In this context, it makes sense to remember Khomeini's revolution in Iran in 1979. After all, the Shah of Iran was the instigator of modernization, so called "white revolution". And the Yankees were removed for being sought, if not to full independence from the U.S., to meaningful autonomy. It was assumed that Khomeini, which indirectly helped come to power, Western intelligence agencies, will play in the Western game. But Khomeini was an independent figure in a large scale, which did not play in the "Western chess," brushed pieces off the board, and the board punched by an opponent. Americans got a migraine for a few 10-s years. But the fact remains — particularly the Americans and Western intelligence agencies, at least indirectly, contributed to the rise to power of Islamists in Iran. Now the Islamists come to power throughout the Middle East — and again, not Middle Eastern ears stick out.

"SP": — What will be the role of Egypt in the coming developments?

— In the criteria of rapid configuration in which we live, to give such predictions very difficult. The world is now located at the bifurcation point, ie, the point at which it the largest selection of options. With all of this all is determined not by the force push and the direction of motion and inertia. As a result, a small group can set the course of history, finding its development for several decades, and that or more. Because predict at this point difficult.

In any case, Egypt is the main state at the junction of Africa and Asia. This is a smithy mental training for the Muslim world. In this regard, Egypt will play a huge role usually in the region. But stabilizing or not — is another matter.

"SP": — What happened to Tunisia?

— The fate of individual small states will depend on how the process will develop the world as a whole. This is China or India can develop for themselves alone, but countries such as Tunisia. The situation will depend on their overall situation of the world.

"SP": — Syria and Iran — for it will peel right off?

— No, I think he was worth knock once, most likely, will not suffice. It's not easy to do even with a single state. Iran's ruling elite, as opposed to Iraq is no different willingness to sell. It is generally different than the top of the Arab states. Come and discover for yourself Iran could mercilessly punish the aggressor. Fight with Iran smell if not the world, then the macro-regional war throughout the Middle East, and perhaps more extensive. In any case, aside from that war is not China, and of our homeland, too, despite the presence of a pro-American, pro-NATO lobby. I think, while not dare Syrian discrepancy, Iran will not touch. By the way, Iran is ready to fight. The fact that the Iranians ransacked the British embassy and the police did not interfere with an hour, is a deliberate escalation of the situation. Tehran says like: "Come on, guys, we are not afraid. Come on, come on. To you need a reason? Please. "

"SP": — you have said that prepyadstviya Syria and Iran in almost all justified their independent policies. Do we not see in this case the sample to solve the problem of North Korea or Venezuela?

— With North Korea is no constructive solution to the issue can not be, because of it — China. And before solve the problem of Korea, it is necessary to solve the problem of China, and this no one would dare. As for Venezuela, in the 2000s there has been a coup attempt that failed. It is possible that the disease segodnyaschy Chavez is not accidental — by removing unwanted parts of them favorites of Americans simply favorites, bummer — and serious — they have occurred wit
h Fidel Castro several hundred assassination attempts, some of them 10 s serious — and no result. In any case, to solve the problem of Venezuela Yankees easier than the problem of the Korean. Although … there are reports that in Venezuela three naval bases Iran. And so …

"SP": — What will happen to Israel in the coming year?

— What will happen directly in the next year, hard to say, but the next few years, the trend can be fixed. Brand new configuration in the Middle East — with the strengthening of the role of Islamists and strengthen Turkey's position as a regional favorite (with the trend for its transformation into a new kind of education imperopodobnoe — such utter futuroarhaicheskuyu network Ottoman Empire) threatening Israel with increasing isolation.

What is even worse for Israel, and the rate of the U.S. — big — the top of the North Atlantic, whose representative serves Obama, the creation of other Near East, Near East with a more or less moderate Islamists in power. It threatens Israel not only insulation, and can be dealt. That's why Israel needs now is a regional conflict — it would delay or general alert isolation and surrender. Such a situation can not lead to the strengthening of the role of the military in this country. And it's already happening. December 16, 2011 the command of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has made a separate command for the "distant operations." We are talking specifically about the military operations, and, for example, is not about the physical liquidation of scientists, designers and engineers in the nuclear field in Iran or the Arab countries — with this sovladevaet Mossad. It is about the elimination of indirect military threats to Israel, ie an asymmetric and indirect actions of the military type. It is impossible not to agree with those analysts who believe that the creation of such an Israeli army commander becomes a political subject.

"SP": — How can the development of the situation in the case of relative and medium-term pacification of the North Atlantic elites with Islamists in the recent geopolitical configuration, if it takes place?

— In the event of such reconciliation, or even the creation of a Union, Israel in the function for which it was used throughout its history, is no longer needed. Moreover, the pacification will claim his surrender as a geopolitical unit — it is not about the delivery of the Jews, not Judaism, etc., and barely Israel. Obviously, such a turn of events dramatically exacerbate the struggle inside the Western elites themselves, so far as not many will like: the existence of Israel in the middle of the adherents of many non-Jews (in general, in the midst of the Jews is Israel's adversaries). But in any case the alliance with Islamists put on the agenda of the day or the fate of Israel. And if a decision is made on the Elimination of the "Israel", which can not be progressive and associated with the creation of enclaves on the "Distant Shores" to "distant territories", the military security in these areas can provide just re-do the command and its force.

Obviously, these arguments — in almost all areas of the political imagination, but we live in an era of mind-blowing realism when they take the most fantastic projects. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the pragmatism and cynicism (ie, realism without moral framework) of the North Atlantic elite, is simply thrown to the scrap-materials that do not, that has served, whether individuals, structures, or even ethnic groups of the country — " who is not blind, he sees "as one would say a big figure in Russian history. In any case, in the maelstrom that appears in the Middle East, Israel and the Jews expect hard times — Funnel Stories that "Master" Lord of the Rings global in this region, can suck in just about everything and forever.

In this sense we can say that the sharp deterioration of the situation in the region, such as the war with Iran in the short term solve prepyadstviya Israel. But in the medium term it, even if not guaranteed, and almost all strange victory over Iran will turn most serious neuvvyazkami. Because, as paradoxically, Israel, if it wants to survive in some form, it is necessary to find new historical allies.

"SP": — In conclusion, like would you describe the overall situation developing in the Middle East?

— As soon as exciting and scary as the typical end of the world game Anglo-Saxons and their naval powers with continental, specifically the drama Stories Neighbor East is one area where the end of this played out.

In the past four centuries, with the development and expansion of capitalism and his paladins Crusaders Anglo-Saxons, moving from west to east Eurasia, evenly and alternately eliminated continental rivals. In the XVI century. it was Spain, in the early XIX century. — France (with the help of Russia and the Germans) in the first half of the twentieth century. — Germany (with Russian), at the end of the twentieth century. — Russian (USSR) with the play the "China card". Now the main global rival Anglo-Saxons and the North Atlantic elites by China — the most eastern of the Eurasian continental powers.

Controlled North Atlantic elites have gained outside the capitalist system in its development — it has exhausted its resources, having brought human civilization to the brink. Because of their creation of the new system — a matter of life and death. Brand new geopolitical configuration of the world in general, and its main macro-regions — a necessary condition for the creation of the contemporary socio-economic system. First step in this direction — the reconstruction of Near East. And then the West, the United States again moving from west to east — Tunisia, Libya, Egypt — and "dotopali" to Syria, then to take a step in the direction of Iran. Then remember the phrase uttered by Suvorov of Napoleon: "It is widely steps, it's time to calm young man." Who is her kill? It seems that in his Drang nach Osten severoatlantisty stumbled upon the "Chinese Wall" — moving. And moves this "wall" to the west — «nach Westen» — has almost two decades, ie, almost the entire post-Soviet phase of world history.

In 2011, under the control of the PRC vneglasny actually moved Pakistan. Write "Pakistan", "Afghanistan" — "mind-matter", it is also really impact zone of the PRC (the fact of the continued presence of NATO aggressors while nothing in this plan does not change.) Iran — a strategic ally of China. With the departure of the Yankees from Iraq in the south of the country there is a direct Shiite corridor linking Iran (as well as it should, China) with Syria. Impartially and in the long-term plans for the destruction of Syria aimed against China: sweeping Syria and Iran, the forces of the North Atlantic-Islamic Union will be the borders of China. Because you need to stop the anger on the far frontiers. This is understood in China, and fortunately in Russia, despite the anti-China propaganda "fifth column" of the West.

Finish battle for Eurasia and the world and it looks like the last big game hunting capitalist era unfolds in one of the oldest parts of the world, and therefore, apart from the rest, replete with occult, magic symbols. The looting of museums in Baghdad and Cairo, and abduction or destruction of archaeological relics far not a random thing and very revealing, at least, for those who are aware of the nature of events.

Whether born from this encounter new world (as we know, "war / fighting — the father of all") all fly to Tartarus Stories — we can not know. One thing is clear: in a small patch of the Syrian solved final battle for the future, and he who smorgnet to lose.

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