Last superbomb dismantled in the U.S.

Last superbomb dismantled in the U.S.

First 60 years of the twentieth century, the whole world stood on the threshold of a nuclear apocalypse. In South America the sky day and night duty strategic bombers B-52 "Stratofortresses». They carried on their own board two very massive nuclear bomb «B53». Weight of each bomb was 4.5 m, and if all of a sudden this bomb hit the white-washed house, the destruction could be scary. Would have been destroyed whole Washington and its suburbs. All the people at a distance of 30 km could be killed by light radiation «B53», and within 6 km of the epicenter of the explosion there would be nothing, apart from the scorched desert. Even sheltered hopper chances of survival can be zero.

The era of the guns, fortunately, is coming to an end: in the United States conducted a dismantling of the last bomb «B53». This superbomb stored at the plant «Pantex» DOE near the city of Amarillo, Texas. The charge consisting of 136 kg of explosive has been withdrawn from a core of enriched uranium. Core recovery for the next positioned in the warehouse.

Sails away for parts superweapon cool war

On the military stores of the Air Force United States first «B53» received in 1962. The Super features a huge weight and low accuracy. But all of its shortcomings compensated power. Destroyed Hiroshima nuclear bomb capacity of 12 kilotons. "B53" at the same time has a charge capacity of up to 9 megatons (9,000 kilotons). It was not just superbomb, and the only and the first in its own way an absolute gun bunker destination.

According to the U.S. nuclear doctrine, assumed nuclear blow "B53" on the Russian bunkers, where there was a Russian command, control stations and troops. "B53" on the site of fortifications would be to throw a giant fritted funnel, absolutely excluding the possibility of survival, not only in the epicenter of the explosion, and far beyond its borders.

During the "Cold War" United States had 400 bombs "B53". Rare combat power "B53" relished by the U.S. military, and they used it as a warhead intercontinental ballistic missiles «Titan». It was listed as the most powerful warhead warhead in the history of U.S. nuclear forces. Was also arranged production of thermonuclear version «W53» up to 9 megatons.

By the mid 80-ies of XX century superbomb «B53» has been removed from service. But then it was returned back because gun bunker with similar abilities had no analogues. And in 1997, the U.S. Army has been adopted by an easy 540-pound bunker fusion bomb "B61", and obsolete devyatimegatonnogo "monster" all the same sent for recycling.

End of bombs «B53» means end of an era in which the population of the earth was created on their own unique destructive powers of indescribable superbomb "B53". Fortunately, such megabomby explode only at test ranges.

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