Last Undercover General Kappel

A documentary film about one of the most generous, bold and professional white-generals Vladimir Oskarovich Cappel. Kappel — lieutenant general of the royal army, the hero of a snow-white movement had in the years of war, civilian reputation as the "invincible and fearless." He died on January 26 1920 as a result, the wound. The last words were Kappel: "Let the troops know that they had been put in that I loved them, and his own death to substantiate it." In the movie, used unique materials, some of which were kept secret, as, for example, the documents of the Municipal Archives Russian Federation concerning the stay of Kappel wife, Olga, in custody at the Reds. In the film also includes unique archival footage in 2007, when long-standing quest for burial of the remains of the famous general of snow-white movement finally culminated in success, and evidence of the search expedition participants.
Shooting of the film took place more than six months in Harbin, Beijing, Moscow and Perm,
in the film also includes archival footage inimitable 2007
when the long search for burial famous general of the White movement, after all — touvenchalis success, and evidence of accomplices search expedition.
Its premiere coincided with the opening of the monument Gen. — Lieutenant Kappelyu VO
that is, the event is already in the press got its name — the "cross in Kappel."

Lieutenant-General Vladimir Kappel Oskarovich — participant of the First World War, one of the more valiant generals of white in the East of the Russian Federation, has established himself as a brave officer who has kept until the end of the swearing-duty time. He personally led the attack in a subordinate part in a fatherly fussed about his custody fighters. This gallant officer of the Russian Imperial Army forever remained a folk hero of snow-white struggle, a hero, a burning flame indestructible faith in the revival of, in the justice of their own business. Gallant officer, a fiery patriot, a man of crystal soul and nobility of the rarest, Gen. Kappel has gone down in history as the snow-white movement is one of the lightest of its representatives. It is significant that when, during a trip to the Siberian Ice 1920 , the VO Kappel (he was then in the position of Chief of the snow-white armies of the Eastern Front) gave up the ghost, the men have left unmarked in the icy wilderness of its own glorious body commander, and made him an unprecedented rough passage across Lake Baikal, so with dignity and according to the Orthodox rite to put him in the ground Chita.

Upon arrival to Chita February 22, 1920 kappelevtsy (and specifically so began informally known as the Far Eastern Army ranks) was buried in the churchyard of its own commander of the Chita church. Later, when they are leaving the town, the remains of General were transported to Harbin and bolshennom crowds reburied near the northern wall of the Holy — Iver temple. Over the grave of inextinguishable lamp was lit.

Gen.-Lieutenant in the coffin, standing next kappelevets noble guard in February 1920 in Chita

He treasured the memory of his own commander, delivshem with them all the troubles and hardships of everyday life martial, his comrades sought to capture the resting place for a long time, VO Kappel. Managed to do it after the end of war, civilian clothes. The monument was erected by public subscription and consecrated June 28, 1929, surrounded by thousand crowd. It was a block of granite with a stone cross above it, at the base of which was placed the emblem of the Siberian ice hike — blade crown of thorns. On the headstone was carved inscription: "People will remember that I loved and adored Russia's own death and you proved this. Kappel. " After a certain number of days after the dedication of the monument celebrating kappelevtsy prazdnichek cabinet, which was attended by over 200 people. At the table was left one empty seat in front of which put the device and a bouquet of white roses. It was the site of General Kappel. Once a year, on July 28, in the churchyard of St. — Iberian church on the grave of VO Kappel was accomplished memorial service, which brings together former colleagues of the general on the snow-white struggle.

The transfer of the ashes of Lieutenant General Kappel of the New Cathedral in the ladies' convent in Chita, February 1920

After the liberation of Harbin in August 1945 from the Japanese invaders at the grave of General VO Kappel came top Russian military commanders and gave the soldier's duty "classless" memory of this brave man. But already in 1956, by order of the Russian General's office in Harbin grave Kappel was defiled: the monument is destroyed, taken out and thrown at the fence of the New (Assumption) cemeteries and grave itself was razed to the ground. At the current time the remains of the VO Kappel still buried in the ground Harbin .. Notwithstanding the fact that grave was destroyed, the burial place of General still managed to install.

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