Last «Zastava», Serbian sights on a Kalashnikov

Last «Zastava», Serbian view of the Kalashnikov

Serbian company «Zastava oružje» introduced in 2004, the latest upgrade machine «Zastava M64» — «Zastava M21».

Zastava M21 assault rifle is made on the basis of the Kalashnikov assault rifle under the NATO 5.56 mm caliber. This rifle is designed for the complete substitution of machines M92/M72/M70 7.62 mm, the armament of the armed forces of Serbia.


The history of the creation of the tools under the brand name «Zastava» starts in the 60's, when the Russian Alliance gave good Warsaw Pact countries to build Kalashnikov official licenses.
Were released the next upgrade:
— Yugoslav automatic «Zastava M64», which was a real copy of the AK-74;
— Zastava M64 A Zastava M64 and B, both were not accepted by the Yugoslav armed forces;
— Zastava M70 entered service in 2-types — M70 AB2 and M70 B1.
— Zastava M76 — made on the basis of the AK-74, sniper rifle, uses 7.92 mm ammunition, 7.62h51h54 mm;
— Zastava M77 AB1 and M77 B1 — export models Zastava M70, used cartridges 7.62×51 mm and 20 direct-intensive shops;
— Zastava M80 A and M80 — M70 B1 export models with a chuck 5.56h45 mm, is made by the Serbian«Zastava oružje ». There is a modification of the model under cartridge 7.62×51 mm;
— Zastava M85 — small-sized export version of the M80;
— Zastava M90 A and M90 — export version Zastava M80 A and M80, distinguished by an improved flash suppressor, and build quality;
— Zastava M92 — small-size model based on the Zastava M70, 7.62×39 mm cartridge is used, as in the Russian AKMSU;
— Zastava M21 — the latest upgrade, produced by the company «Zastava oružje».

Last «Zastava», Serbian view of the Kalashnikov

Assault rifle remained an automatic weapon, one hundred percent of repeating design Kalashnikov. Modernization of the reserve in the main caliber gun. This is due to the fact that Serbia has sought to become a full member of the North Atlantic bloc and began to create a tool to NATO cartridge «SS109».

Apart from this, the developers «Zastava M21» given the opportunity to install additional equipment standard NATO, why on the receiver set a reference guide of the North «Picatinny».

Designers provided backup switch firing modes, located on the left side of the rifle. This feature is copied from the Israeli «Galil», which allows you to control shooting mode without changing the position of the hands. In time, black bukovkoy indicating firing modes are highlighted because of their development using tritium.

The polymer butt quite tangibly reduces weight and allows the rifle to fire when folded. The barrel assault rifle equipped with a proprietary flash suppressor and grip for bayonet, and the trunk has a shiny coating.
It is possible to install a grenade launcher grenade launcher caliber 40 mm, it comes bundled corporate nazatylnik.

modification «Zastava M21»:

— basic assault rifle with a barrel length of 46 cm;
— shortened rifle «Zastava M21S» with a barrel length of 37.5 cm;
— export model «Zastava M21SB», having a folding stock and a carrying handle. Equipped with a rifle straps for attaching additional accessories;
— compact model «Zastava M21C», a special modification for the special forces. It has a barrel length 32.5 cm

Last «Zastava», Serbian view of the Kalashnikov

The main features:

— ammunition SS109;
— length 998 mm guns;
— Standard trunk 46 cm;
— weight 3.85 kg;
— rate rifle 680-560 rounds / min;
— effective range of fire of 600 meters;
— ammunition — magazine for 30 rounds.

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Zastava M21 rifle used in the armed forces of Serbia and Macedonia, and is in service with the Serbian peacekeepers

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