Latvians are beginning to speculate about something

Nearly half, or 42.6% of Latvia's residents believe that Latvia as an independent nation-state is unable to exist, according to the study SKDS «myths in Latvia's foreign policy: the EU and Russia", ordered the fund to support the Small Historical Library of Latvia.

Totally agree with this position 16%, in part — 26.6% of respondents. 46.2% believe, however, that Latvia is able to exist as an independent nation state. 11.3% found it difficult to answer the question.

More than two-thirds, or 70.9% of the population believe that Western countries use to Latvia in their interests and only 3% strongly disagree with this statement.

Also, more than half, or 54.4% of Latvians believe that Latvia was well within the USSR. At the same time, and almost half, or 46.8%, positive about the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Two-thirds, or 64.6% of people think that saving the economy of Latvia — in closer cooperation with Russia and the CIS countries. 56% believe that joining the EU contributed to the economic downturn in Latvia.

78.3% agree with the statement that Latvia in the EU — the state of the second grade, and 39.3% are confident in the decay of the European Union.

Also, 50.4% believe that the country has led to a crisis of nationalist politics, and 53.6% support the idea of a strong leader with broad powers.

The survey polled 1,008 people, according to agency LETA.

According to the authors, political scientists and Tsepuritisa Marisa Rinaldi Gulbis, Latvia, due to the existence of the Latvian and Russian information space, each of them has its own myths. The existence of these various myths reinforces the division of the society.

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