LED lights’ AtomSveta »at« CityBuild. Urban Technologies-2012


16-18 October 2012 the company "AtomSvet" participated in the exhibition «CityBuild. Urban Technologies-2012 ", held with the support of the Government of Moscow, the Russian Union of Builders, the Regional Development Ministry, the Moscow City Duma, the Government of the Moscow Region.

Timothy Kharitonov, Executive Director of "AtomSvet," spoke about the benefits of LED lighting for the urban environment, demonstrated the latest developments of the company and answered questions.

Among the products presented by the company "AtomSvet» at «CityBuild», had their own development in the field of urban lighting, tunnels and subways, including:

  • Street Lighting AtomSvet® Street,
  • lights for architectural lighting AtomSvet® Color RGB,
  • lights AtomSvet® Utility for lighting of entrances, corridors and other rooms in the residential and non-residential buildings.


Complete product catalog "Atomsvet".

New Series LED lights "AtomSvet" intended for use in urban lighting, have a number of characteristics that give them a competitive advantage over traditional lamps.

Exhibition CityBuild. Urban Technologies 2012 has long been one of the most significant events in the construction industry. This year, their solutions in 75th VVC pavilion presented 147 companies.

Within the VIP-tour, claimed in the exhibition program, Stand Ltd. "AtomSvet" a delegation of the Moscow government led by the head of the Department of Urban Policy, Sergei CFLyovkin.






Ltd. "AtomSvet"The company was founded in 2009 and and is among the group of companies "FNA" (FNA group). "AtomSvet" specializes in designing and manufacturing LED lamps under the same brand. The company has its own design office and modern production. Fixtures "AtomSvet" — a unique product innovation: for the first time in the lighting fixtures in the Russian company "AtomSvet" applied know-how that reduce light loss in more than 2-fold compared with those of other manufacturers of lighting fixtures.Brand "AtomSvet" is presented on the market LED lights for industrial use industrial, warehouse and service stations, utilities, streets and roads, use in extremely harsh climatic conditions of production with a potential explosion hazard (explosion-proof series); agriculture in t.ch . greenhouses, sports facilities, businesses using the low-voltage network.Having its own mass production of energy-efficient LED lights on the market can provide the best price — quality.The plant, located in the Moscow region, the company "AtomSvet" carries the entire production cycle (from full development to the test in the lighting laboratory).The company "AtomSvet" performs a series of "turn-key" to switch to energy-efficient LED lighting: the calculation of payback, lighting calculations in the program Dialux, feasibility study, design, manufacture, supply, installation and after-sales service.

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