Legal fiction intellectual property inhibits the development of technologies

The patent system of Western countries have repeatedly proved its incapacity. Patents are increasingly used to lock in the courtrooms of innovation, and in 2011 this problem has reached epic proportions.

"Patent trolls" continue to demand from large and small IT companies compensation for the alleged use of their patented ideas.

In addition, the patent war spread to the major players in the industry, most of which went to manufacturers of gadgets on the OS "Android". In July, Google could not win the case for more than 6,000 patents of Nortel, which cost the company $ 4.5 billion. In order to avoid further litigation even Google bought Motorola Mobility patents for $ 12.5 billion.

Microsoft started demanding licensing fees from patents manufacturers of mobile phones on Android, more money than it earns on its own. This led to a major confrontation with Google. And Apple for its part, continued to sue the Android-makers such as HTC and Samsung, for patent infringement. And the end of all these processes is not yet clear that nothing good for the development of the market does not promise.

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