Let the American dream

According to the latest Census Bureau, in the United States, there are over 19 million empty houses and apartments. This is an absolute record in the history of the country

Virtually the entire Blank Real Estate — selected for the debts, put up for sale, abandoned houses and apartments. The concept of empty homes implies that inside objects nobody lives, their doors and windows boarded up, and electricity and water access off utilities.

Experts have estimated that the vacant property (from large condominiums for several families to tiny studio for one person) could easily fit 60 million people (out of the official number of homeless people in the 57 million people). This paradox is once again confirms the rumors of a complete collapse of the entire housing system of America.

"On the one hand, billions of square feet of housing idle, — said Eric Stanton, a homeless from Detroit (Michigan). — On the other hand, hundreds of people are killed every day in the streets of cold, hunger, infectious diseases. We are forced to live on the streets when there are loads and loads of empty houses. "

It must be said that the status of empty home puts an end to millions of real property. Without a home, regular cleaning and care of the average home depreciates in value by 20 — 25% per year. Another proof — at home in Florida, some of which did not open the door for more than three years.

"Mold, dirt, insects, rodents — all I see almost every week — says a professional house cleaner Lee Martinez. — Ceilings are beginning to crumble, sewer pipes and wiring to rot. No man comes into disrepair every inch of real estate. "

Another problem is that the vast majority of real estate "preserved" at minimal cost. Several pieces of plywood to the windows, massive lock on the door, and the house fills up a list of "condemned to demolition" of the objects. Shell out for a professional "preserving" do not want any former owners of houses or the new owners — the banks.

Thus, the mansion in Louisiana cost more than $ 300,000 has become a haven for wild animals and insects. In only 6 months, he dropped the price to $ 7,000 (that is how much cost the land on which it stood.)

The home team is bankrupt left the house several large bags of rice, a full bath of water and the open window in the attic. That was enough to 'Louisiana fauna "turned real estate into dust.

For vacant houses in Alaska and northern states are the biggest nightmare snowfall, after which the roof simply crumble. One of the newspaper News of Anchorage somehow came under the headline: "Five tons of snow inside the house, where two years ago, lived a family of three."

In Florida and California real estate often destroyed by fast-growing plants. For example, a resident of Orange County (California), put up for sale ranches and went to work in New York, was horrified when he returned back. "The grass lifted the house at 45 degrees, — he says. — Cultivating the way even through the flooring on the first floor and the basement was chosen by snakes and lizards. "

Astronomical number of vacant houses contributed to the emergence of enthusiasts who are taken for a small fee to look after the estate. Thus, the Las Vegas resident Paul Makruni collects from thirty clients at $ 100 per month for the service.

"Three times a week I visit every object and twice a month cleaning do it — says Makruni. — People are happy with my service. Every time I send them pictures of the real estate by e-mail, tell them about your new neighbors and the local news. "

Makruni not hide the fact that the house with boarded up windows often turned into brothels and night shelter for the homeless. "Tramps are often bred in homes fires — he says. — They are fried food right in the kitchen sink, using coal as wooden boxes or window frames. Some of the houses in a few hours turned into laboratories for the manufacture of drugs or brothels. "

One of the most pressing domestic issues today is the legality of the homeless stay in vacant homes. "RB" already told, both in New York specific seminars ("How to occupy vacant housing", # 832), the purpose of which teach homeless people to enter the property, and then register it in his name to the nearest post office.

Examples of homeless people living in the homes of half a million dollars — abound. In the suburbs of Miami (Florida) and San Francisco (CA) has long been the trend gained momentum. And in her defense actively support the protesters, "Occupy» (Occupy), which, according to unofficial data, captured more than 50,000 sites across America.

Thus, the 45-year-old Bob Rudolph and his younger brother Peter "occupied" single-family home in St. Louis (Missouri), empty since 2010. "We spend the night in sleeping bags and food to cook on the grill in the yard — says Rudolph. — We do not touch anything. Only through us in the house of purity reigns. In the local McDonald's we go to go to the bathroom to wash up … "

Because homeless people usually do not use electricity and water in the occupied buildings, public utilities treat them with indifference. Police also frankly do not care for the homeless, as their in America, once again, about 60 million people.

"I simply do not know what to do with these messy, — said a Texas sheriff, when reporters asked him why he does not delay the homeless for trespassing (illegal entry). — These guys have nothing. They are not even able to pay the fine. No judge would deal with them. Let them live where they want, and less caught the eye of working people. "

Not all the Americans, of course, pleased with today's state of affairs. A former resident of Detroit's Corey bagels, got laid off at the beginning of the crisis, was horrified when he visited his former home.

"I moved with his wife and three children because he could no longer pay the mortgage $ 4,000 monthly — outraged bagels. — Bank chased us out of the house with the help of marshals forcibly. Now anyone living in the property by unknown people. These guys do not pay a cent! "

A similar scene saw the Thompson family, who decided to ask what had become of their home on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico in western Florida. They saw in his mansion six adults and five children (in total — four different families).

"When I tried to explain something to a guy who was fishing with my property, he smiled politely and asked me to live in the house, — says Thompson, Sr.. — Homeless invites me to my former home of the same. Someone explain what the hell is going on in this country? "

The trend is indeed worrying. If homeowners are somehow trying to save property, getting into various scams related to foreclosure and loan modification, then the banks and the representatives of the law, eventually evicted them without any regret.

However, it is these people lose all the way (no job, no assets, no credit history, no savings), they can not even go back to his own, and in any vacant house within the United States.

"With the help of anti-human laws, duties, taxes and other levies collected by the methods of the state of working people down to the bottom — wrote one of the users of internet forum. — Only once humiliated and emotionally crushed person gives, the state holds out his hand again. "

As cynical as it may sound, but the American dream to own a home, has now become for millions of Americans closer. Only now it is not necessary to strive. Enough to lose everything to end, once and for all forget about morality and ethics, and then break into some empty house …



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