Lethal force «Tornado»

Lethal force
Land Forces and the Navy will receive the latest generation of vehicles
Two announcements give reason to rejoice over Russian defense industry. Began mass production launch rocket systems «Tornado», and in St. Petersburg laid the Russian part of the helicopter landing ship dock type «Mistral» under the name of «Vladivostok».

Around the «Mistral» was echoing many disputes. The main open a discussion two issues: they need our fleet or not, and where they will be built — in France or in Russia. The answer to the first will operate the ships in our Navy. And the answer to the second came from Peter — shipbuilding goes together. United Shipbuilding Company a subcontractor French shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, where final assembly will be the first «Vladivostok» and second amphibious assault ship under the name of «Sevastopol».

In St. Petersburg will build 20 units for four hull aft of both ships. This would amount to 40 per cent of hull works, and accordingly the amount of the contract will return to Russia. Assembled units will be sent to France, where they constructed housing in Mount the landing ships. As expected, «Vladivostok» enter the Pacific Fleet until the end of 2015. «Sevastopol», respectively name, go to serve the Black Sea Fleet.

Helicopter landing ship docks — the future of our Navy, and MLRS last generation — it is true of the Land Forces.

Another year earlier systems of salvo fire under the name «Tornado» for the first time openly been demonstrated at Kapustin Yar. The results of their firings impressive. «Tornado» eclipsed their predecessors in virtually all indicators: long range, accuracy of fire, accuracy, hitting, power warhead and many others.

Our country in the years of the Russian steel majestically world leader in the development of multiple launch rocket systems. Worthy successors «Katyusha» were «Grad», «Twister» and «The Hurricane.» A distinctive feature was their odnokalibernost. For example, «Castle» could only shoot 122-mm projectiles, and «Twister» — Caliber 300 mm.

Design «Tornado» it allows you to set blocks of different calibers. In addition, on the same machine, you can set the containers with twin launchers for 122-mm and 220-mm and 300-mm rockets, depending on the chosen battlefield tasks. In other words, the same chassis becomes a universal base for all types of jet missiles used in the Army. Missiles themselves, incidentally, is also the last generation. For the first time in the MRL will apply homing missiles that will allow for significant distance to hit not only the area, but some enemy targets.

Today «Tornado» indicates the highest firing range of 90 km, which is a record for similar systems. With all this missile warheads may have very different toppings and used as cumulative, high-explosive, homing boevyeh parts, antitank and antipersonnel mines. This allows excellent solve virtually all tasks that may arise in the course of hostilities.

«Tornado» able to leave the position before being first released from the contact with the ground shells. When the last shell explodes, destroying the target, the complex itself will be already a few kilometers from the place from which you are shooting.

All this makes the «Tornado» really harsh tool that does not actually know for themselves equal.

According to the military experts, missile systems of salvo fire «Tornado» and tactical «Iskander», when used together, will be able to perform combat tasks that now require significant verbovaniya missile and artillery forces and means. Perhaps as early as 2015 specifically such bundle will be the basis of missile troops and artillery of the Ground Forces.

Armed forces have delivered more than 30 systems «Tornado», 20 units are in service of the Southern Military Area. They were used on the last exercise «Kavkaz-2012» and showed good results. Within the framework of the state defense order for the current year is planned to supply troops in 36 systems «Tornado-G» caliber 122mm — they are going to replace «Castle.»

In the future, consider the option of accommodation in containers that will be able to be set on the basis of «Tornado», tactical and cruise missiles, and launchers for unmanned aerial vehicles.

Our country has always been among the leading developer of the best in the world MRLS. What a shame it did not sound, the past 20 years have not been idle in vain, for many leadership positions we have lost. And the emergence of «Tornado» gives real hope that we will again become the first.

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