Link for the Future of Russia


The inverse image of the nucleus of the national innovation system, the consortium "Future Russia" has chosen telecom partner.
They became the company NekstTell known unique developments in the communications sector.

The main activities of the first social-engineering of the park "Future Russia" is the development of high technologies and the implementation of major breakthrough innovative projects.

Development of «NekstTell" in the field of satellite communications, telephony of tomorrow are already enjoying both businesses and ordinary people. For example — USB SIP handset, mobile solution for the free connection between the partners, with advantageous tariffs for international and long-distance communication. The handset is a proprietary engineering "NekstTell" and it is perfectly fine solution to ensure constant communication within the peer group "Future of Russia", which includes more than 500 people.
Availability, efficiency, originality developments — what is necessary today as air, "The future of Russia."
What tomorrow will be in Russia's real.

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