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In the beliefs of almost all the nations present underground and cave dwellers. European gnomes, Zetta Norwegian, Irish seeds, Lapland chakli, Nenets sihirtya … In the Altai, in the 30-ies of the last century, members of the expedition Roerich told of strange people coming out of the caves and is paying the old coins, showed the ground littered with inputs, "which went Chud."

Legends of the kameneyuschih the sun dwarfs the inhabitants of the underworld of the great magicians and wise men recorded even in Polynesia and Australia! Myths and legends whether it's about actually existed, but long gone into oblivion nations? Or is it the aliens from other civilizations? There is this world is now, next to — or rather, directly below us?

Legends of the underground.
Most people describe underground undersized (one and a half meters), living in a cave and totally bringing out the sunlight. They are skilled craftsmen, or shamans, witch doctors.

However, for example, the Indians told of strange people very tall, sometimes coming down from Mount Shasta in California. It was said that there, inside an extinct volcano, is the secret city. In the Aztec legends say that the ancestors of the Huichol tribe came from the underworld, the entrance to which is located near the city of Tepic.
Also, there is evidence that one of the entrances to Agartha, an underground city, located at the foot of the Himalayas, just below the monastery in Tibet Lasha. Others believe that the entrance to the city is also in Ecuador, in the Los Tayos.

That hid the land.
In 1963, Turkey opened the famous underground city, named for the village located on it — Derinkuyyu. The word is translated as "deep wells", and those are really available. However, the appointment of the locals had no idea until then, until one of them is not found in his basement slot, which pulled out of the air. He became interested in, and the result was found underground city, with more than 13 floors! In the rock carved numerous cells, galleries, and the air is surprisingly fresh thanks to the current system is still more than a thousand ventilation shafts.

All homes are connected to each other transitions in the tens of kilometers long. The entrances to the underground granite doors tightly pushed in a wheel behind them — stone tunnels in the growth of the person, which you can get three of six miles — to the next stone gate. The amazing thing is that there are not any signs of piles of excavated soil! According to scientists, this city was built around the XVIII-IX centuries BC. It is estimated that there could be simultaneously live from ten to twenty thousand people. Still do not know what kind of people built it. It is believed that the first was still the Hittites, and in the early Middle Ages took the baton from them Christians, hiding from Muslim invaders. Traces of an underground civilization traced back to the Middle Ages. Where do people have gone then?

There is evidence that in the territory of ancient Russia existed such underground galleries hundreds of kilometers, linking the major cities of the country. Going into them, for example, in Kiev, it was possible to get in Chernihiv (120 km), Liubech (130 km) and even Smolensk (over 450 km)!

We kill the sun.
There is now a reasonable life in the bowels of the earth? ..
In 1963, two American miners, David Fellin and Henry Thorne, during tunneling saw a huge door that went down the marble steps.

Other miners — in England — digging a tunnel underground, heard the sounds wafting from the bottom working mechanisms. When the thickness of the stone struck, was also found a staircase leading to an underground well. Sounds working machines increased. The workers were frightened and ran away, and came back after some time, this place could not find any entry into the well, or ladder.

Interesting and evidence anthropologist James McKenna, who examined the cave in Idaho that enjoys notoriety among the indigenous population. McKenna and his companions after a few hundred meters cautious advance on a broad stone corridor suddenly clearly hear the screams and moans, and soon appeared in front of them terrible findings in the form of human skeletons. Unfortunately, further examination of the cave, which was regarded in these parts the entrance to the underworld, had to stop: the sulfur smell was unbearable …

However, if an underground civilization still exists, why its members continue to shy away from contact with the upper humanity? Perhaps because of religious or ideological restrictions, and may be right about the ancient tradition that the inhabitants of caves and dungeons to die from sunlight. In the stone of course they are unlikely to apply, but it is possible to suffer from a genetic anomaly that causes a high sensitivity to light. People exposed to the disease, lest forced to spend all my life in the dark. This defect is very rare, but can be inherited. He could have spread among those who lived in the darkness — in an environment where natural selection can not be discarded sensitivity gene carriers.

And perhaps, the secret for a long time trying to get the people with us on the contact — if the appearance of UFO related not aliens, and vnutriplanetyane! Sentient beings who have long watching us …

The planet within the planet.
In 1947, Rear Admiral of the Navy Richard Byrd went to research flight over the North Pole. Near the pole, he noticed a strange spot, cast in different colors. Approached, the pilot saw what appeared to be a mountain range, and flew it — forests, rivers, meadows, which were grazing animals like mammoths. And the strange machines that resemble flying saucers, and the city with buildings, as if carved out of crystal. Outside temperature started to warm up rapidly, until stopped at around +23 | S. And it is in the North Pole! Radio contact with the ground was not working.
And in the 1970s with the American satellite photos were obtained curious, then bypassed many Western scientific magazines in the location where you want the North Pole, satellite detected the correct form a dark spot, like a huge hole. Could be attributed to these images to a failure in the equipment, if not exactly the same photo, obtained in a few years …

Russian Fedor Nedelin famous creation theory in explaining the origin of his Earth. He believes that the first planet was huge cold lump. Under the influence of the sun and the energy of the universe she warmed up to the state lava, and then began to cool. On the Earth's crust was formed. But under the bark of this matter continued to simmer, gradually turning into a gas. The gases expand when heated. At the center of our planet forms the hollow space, and some of the gas escapes to the outside. Deep emission occurred in the North and South Poles. There was a large hole.

By conviction Nedelina Earth inside is completely empty, and through the hole at the poles there climbs solar energy is accumulated in the center. If we assume that the Earth is hollow and has a light source, there may be life.

However, geologists say that the presence of cavities in the earth's crust can be tolerated only at very shallow depths. And from three to five miles high pressure slam shut, even accidentally caused the cavity. As for the filmed "hole" over the North Pole — it may be due to the polar night, when the sun because of the tilt of the earth just will not do it to light.

Find out about the underground life by doing an American researcher decided to Steve Curry. It equips an expedition to go to the center of the Earth. The participant must pay anywhere from 18,950 to 20,950 dollars. However, the trip was planned to begin in June 2005. Then he put on 2006, then in 2007 … Curry says he receives 3-4 phone calls a day from the public to join the expedition. By the way, chartered by atomic ice drift is able to accommodate only 108 people. Will there be a journey, and what answers it will be able to give — is still the same issue …

Author: Elena Eske


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