Made in Russia-6: Projects

In the previous series I have tried to select examples of production facilities, or already working, or who are in the final phase of implementation. So what would a mosquito nose are not undermined, and the critics had no reason to find fault with the facts. So I decided to make a separate large investment projects in Russia. Some of them are new businesses, and some are implemented on the capacities of existing facilities. Over ones already in all hard at work, others only in the plans. 

Construction of the complex of refineries and petrochemical plants in Nizhnekamsk, Tatarstan — the project "Taneco"

The project, according to the magazine Expert largest in the last 10 years in Russia. This is precisely the very huge building, which is so dream patriots. No joke, the cost of the project for almost four and a half billion euros! And the main thing is the plants for processing of raw materials, that is, Russia is thinking about how that would not only pure raw materials to drive to the west, but also to process it in their territory. In Russia many refineries, but none with the depth of oil processing 97%. This will be the first. Although, maybe not the first, as the planned upgrading of the Moscow Oil Refinery, which in itself is drawn to the hotel a huge project, the cost of which is reported to have drawn to $ 4 billion. But even without this refinery looks as though there has recently been reconstructed. Part of the objects of "Taneco" has already started. It is noteworthy that in the construction and assembly plant were used as domestic technologies and equipment. The developer of the project was of "Giprokislorod" (Moscow), the licensor of technology and provider of complete plant — JSC "Cryogenmash" (Moscow region, Balashikha). Construction and installation work carried out by specialists PSO "Kazan". 

Generally nefteperabotka now developing in Russia, for example here's another project for the reconstruction of a refinery in Yaroslavl, though with its $ 60 million next to Taneco it looks funny.

Plant for the production of polysilicon, and a draft of the "solar cluster '

The group "Nitol" building a plant for the production of polysilicon. The project is estimated at $ 600 million while the mill has already started functioning. In general, according to SEMI, in Russia in the near future will be built seven new factories for the production of polycrystalline silicon for the deficit this material on the world market. But this is only the beginning. We plan to create an entire production klasetra. The "solar cluster 'is very beneficial for krasnoyar'ya as the new enterprises in high-tech Zheleznogorsk planned in the future to employ about 5 thousand people. (Mostly engineers), and tax revenues to the budgets of all levels are estimated at 10 billion rubles. year. 

It is clear that the polysilicon it is a little raw, but not the final product, and the semi-finished product, so to speak. But it is clear that the presence of such production could spur the development of microelectronics in Russia. 

The construction of the federal highway "Amur"

Fully one of the troubles of Russia, this track will not solve, but the project is still big, and actually the first such in road construction in Russia. Reconstruction of the highway "Don", the construction of bridges, interchanges, bypass roads, it is certainly good, it's all in Russian, but "Cupid" is practically a new road, as before this track, in some areas, there was only on paper, and represented a dirt road passable to rain hard. The project certainly should help in the development of the Far East, and the road trip to the Far East is no longer than is extreme. Much of the route is already completed, and no doubt that it will be completed in full, I do now, no one is left.

Construction of power plants

I already wrote about building nuclear power plants, but let me remind. 

Novovoronezh NPP-2 — Construction of the first unit started in 2007 and will be commissioned in 2012, the second unit founded in 2008, respectively, will begin its operation in 2013.

Rostov NPP — Began construction of the third and fourth units.

Leningrad NPP-2 — To date, the construction site of the Leningrad NPP-2 are working on the 51st object units number 1 and number 2, which involved more than 2,500 people, 50 cars and 89 special arrangements.

Beloyarsk NPP — The body of the BN-800 reactor at the Kola nuclear power plant will collect at the end of this year.

Baltic NPP — The construction of the Baltic NPP is clearly in line with the plan. In July, he made 100 per cent, the amount disbursed from the beginning of the capex amounted to 802.72 million rubles

Already built

Kalinin NPP — The third power

Rostov NPP — Second unit

In addition, there is a building hydroelectric power stations, and there are not any local value, and huge. There is a construction Boguchan plant, built Bureyskaya hydropower, construction of Lower Bureyskaya plant, potentially creating a cascade of power plants on the river Bureya. 

Incidentally, the construction of electric power by itself, but in such a hedgehog amount indicates the rapid development of the industry in Russia, at least in the long term. After all, this will consume some power, otherwise what is the point of building power plants, and even in such numbers? It is clear that the electricity will be exported, but it is also clear that under this energy will be created and local production. In general, the energy consumption in the country is one of the reliable indicators to measure the growth of the industry, such as Adventurer often uses it in their research.

Production of helicopter engines

Now our engines for helicopters manufactured in Ukraine. So that the deployment engine production in Russia is a very important project for our helicopter industry. Despite the improvement of relations with Ukraine, there is a danger that there will soon begin such problems that Russia will lose the supply of helicopter engines and thus get up part of the helicopter industry in Russia. So this project is not only high-tech, but also has a strategic importance. JSC "Management Company" United Engine Corporation "(UEC) estimates the cost of building a full-scale production of helicopter engines in Russia to 5.95 billion rubles. 

I recall that earlier in Russia was deployed production of rocket engines that used the same are made only in the Ukraine. 

Construction of the cosmodrome "East"

For a long time about this project earlier, but the start was given just today. Russia will carry out all of its launches of manned spacecraft from the Baikonur "East" in 2018, told reporters on Saturday, Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov.

"In the three years before from the Baikonur launching missiles will be carried out with different cargo carriers and satellites," — he said. Planned that the first launch pad at the Baikonur "East" will be put into operation in 2015. This is a very ambitious project, and a very right, because manned launches until you can perform only from Baikonur, and it abroad. 

Mill 5000 at the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine

On MMK summer of 2009 completed the construction of a new plant and commissioned Stan 5000 (you can now roll the sheets up to a width of 5 meters. Usual width of the sheet mill 2-2.5 m). Prior to that, Russia had only one mill — 5000, a
t the Cherepovets Steel Mill.

Again, this rate of development, as if such production is created, it means that there is a demand. Skeptics will say that a car is needed for that would further drive the oil to the West. But the steel sheets of the width can be applied not only in the pipe industry, but also in shipbuilding, military industry (mill can roll the armor of the highest quality). In general, the production of steel is not such a simple production, as it might seem. For example at CMP this year, mastered the production technology of a range of grades of hot-rolled pickled with special requirements to the quality of the surface, completely exclude the presence of surface defects, including such as "break" and "excesses." This product is produced for customers in sectors such asautomotive, agricultural machinery parts, manufacture of tubes and profiles. 

The Olympic Games in Sochi

This is probably the most criticized project in Russia. And this is significant because I believe that the more the criticism, the more significant project. Quite simply, there are forces that do not want development in Russia, and in every way put a spoke in the wheel. But in the meantime, this project is not only the Olympics, is the construction of a set of objects that will be used after the Olympics. The critics do not understand, apparently, that in Russia there is practically no sports facilities, such as jumps, mountain-skiing complex, toboggan runs. Our athletes train in Germany and Austria. So, do not be in Russia Olympics, to build these systems still need, and the Olympics is just an excuse.

The third road bridge in Novosibirsk across the Ob

He was named Olovozavodskogo. Axle with unique arched transition in the central part length of 380 meters. This is the largest shift in Russia this type. The longest in China — something around 500 meters. Terms of construction — 2015. The cost of construction in the prices of IV quarter of 2009 is 18.7 billion rubles. — Is the largest in our history, the municipal order.

This, of course, not all the projects I postoraysya choose the most significant and symbolic. But there are other

Reconstruction of the highway "Don"

Construction of the Moscow — St. Petersburg

"Southern Hub" — a major airport in Bataisk

Project "Danaflex" to produce nanofilms 

Development of the underground cities in Russia

Fifth-generation fighter



And many, many other projects.  

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