Made in Russia-8: Our trains ….

… poezdadye most trains in the world. And it is no exaggeration, as many may think. Again, the same, unfortunately for 10 years devastation in the 90's, some manufacturers have gone ahead, especially in the niche of high-speed traffic. After all, we have, in the twilight of the Union began to emerge, such as trains and ER200 CHS200 capable of moving at a speed of 200 km per hour, but then broke up the Union, and after the government "reformers" was that we should not think about the high-speed movement, and at least then it was recovered. It turned out that efforts should be directed not to the cosmic "peregrine", and on the banal recovery of freight wagons. Since a little more, and will not carry goods on anything.

In general, the situation is as with consumer products, passenger transportation, just the ones with which we are daily confronted, do not take too big a gap rail. Yes, handsome Spsany turn heads and hearts to say "oh, German, and we as always in the ass." Gentlemen, patriots and liberasty, loads one at a speed of 320 km / h does not carry, and the industry does not need high-speed trains and freight locomotives and wagons. So you need to look at the successes here, and Peregrine Falcon, this is good, but as long as you can and buy. Later on, we'll do a, because we do missiles and fighter aircraft, and the Germans were not, do not know how.

However, and in passenger traffic, we have successes, updated fleet of passenger cars, building new locomotives. And yet, here are the "rail buses."

We have, through the station Celina, let a couple of years ago. And I happened on this ride. Quickly and easily. We neelektrofitsirovannaya road, and at this miracle of a diesel engine. So for our area it is indispensable. His name PA2 production "Metrovagonmash"

In general, now in the rail industry invested a lot of money. Many abuse Railways, but I long for itself derived a formula — the more the abuse, the more reason to look more closely. And look, and see that the Railways is the most powerful engine of Russian industry, heavy, high-tech, producing the final product. But criticism just because some who do not want that Russia produced such products.

Only recently opened two major production, this plant "Ural Locomotives" and a new car-building plant in Tikhvin, and they are open because, think about it, that the capacity of existing plants is not enough. That is, they are loaded to capacity, mostly with orders Railways. This Gauvreau of total modernization of railway rolling stock, locomotive fleet renewal.

I feel closer to all NEVZ plant, once the largest electric locomotive factory USSR in the 90s almost stood. At the time, I just went to Novocherkassk, and it was very sad to see the idle, collapsing housing. The huge plant was dying. But in the 2000s, bought the plant TransMashHolding, and many began to change, began production of locomotives, have begun to develop new models. Now the plant has not reached its peak production, which in the late 80's was a 300-ton locomotives a year, but current production looks good

80 passenger AC electric locomotive EP1M, EP1P, 96 mainline freight locomotives AC E5K, 2ES5K, 3ES5K, 21 mainline electric freight DC 2ES4K, 3 industrial traction units of NP-1.

"Eramak" new freight electric locomotive manufacturing NEVZ

By 2015, plans to shut NEVZ figures of the Soviet period, but it needs modernization, which has already started. "Ermak", by the way, is not the only new or modernezirovannaya business model, there are many models locomotive EP1M, 2ES4K "Dons" and others. The site of the plant more photos and information, if interested. More can be read on page NEVZ online TransMashHolding. 

In general, I do not presume to tell about all the updates to the industry because of their car and small truck. Very much. The work here is boiling for 90 "reformers" have tried so that now, even at the current rate of production, it is very difficult to rebuild. The government is well aware that this industry is in the literal and figurative sense of the locomotive pulling the entirety of the industry. Just think how many businesses operate, which would produce a locomotive!

Same understand our enemies, and not only focus attention on the successes of the industry, but also virtually declared war Railways information on all fronts. It is a pity that many in this ongoing. I hope this article will help many to understand that this is a lie.

In addition NEVZ, new product release and other enterprises. 

Bryansk Engineering Plant

Bulk freight locomotive 2TE25K "Relight"

Bulk freight locomotive 2TE25A "Hero"

Shunting locomotives

Marine diesel engines

"Kolomna factory" Bulk six-axle locomotive DC EP2K

Passenger locomotive TEP70

Freight locomotive 2TE70

"Ural Railway Engineering Plant"

2ES6 electric locomotive

I tried to choose new electric and diesel locomotives, production of which began relatively recently. And there are other plants producing special equipment, such as snow plows, motor cars and other such Kambarka Machine Works, "Kalugaputmash" and others. There are factories producing shunting locomotives, for example Lyudinovskiy Locomotive Plant or Bryansk Engineering Plant. I hardly talked about car building, both freight and passenger, I did not tell from the structure of metro trains, and in fact, and there are new developments, new cars, new trains.

The "Vagonmash" new subway "Neva" 

As many companies within the industry
producing marine and industrial engines, which is also a high-tech products, and essential, such as Ural Diesel Engine Plant. 

In general, the dynamics of the industry can be felt by just reading the news, such as these. 

Briefly on passenger cars. Funny when people who traveled on the train for the last time many years ago, says that we have old cars. I said, because on the trains and I do not go. And if you do not ride, so how did you know what sort of cars? Yes, the old cars still remain, it is true. But they remained on low-cost, no high-speed trains. On the same train of so-called "branded" cars have long new, even reserved seats. I always ride the trains "Ataman Platov" and "The Quiet Don" and sogu say that the new cars out there that way, since 2005. For example, such

And new cars is increasing.

So the problem now is not a simple business, not their destruction of the vicious anti-national authorities, on the contrary, they are a huge shortage, power shortage, shortage of personnel. But the new plants built near impossible, because when we update the railway wagons and locomotives, the needs decrease, and businesses will be underutilized. Naedyatsya that our cars and locomotives will rush to buy abroad can unfortunately Russia is not the country where the West is out to buy something other than oil and gas. And the industry is put at the mercy of foreign markets is also impossible. Update the park, and the current capacity freed up for export, and there is need to look at the situation. Although, as I said, the new enterprise sector is still under construction, I cited above links to the most important.

So, do not hold your breath, ladies and gentlemen liberasty, and other russophobes, our train train, train, and the train will be!

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